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Petition published by Devin Caron on Oct 26, 2015
This petition is to get Kathleen Wynn to settle down as well as the teachers and figure out a... more
Petition published by derek fraser on Oct 26, 2015
We the undersigned support the House of Lords rejection of the current proposed CUTS (£4 billion) to Tax Credits.

We urge David Cameron PM and the Conservative government to listen to... more
Petition published by Pilar Lozano on Oct 26, 2015
I, undersigned, would like to request The United States House of Representatives to allow the Parent Plus Loan Debtors to transfer loans to the graduates particularly if the graduate qualifies for the loan forgiveness program and can also make payments.... more
Petition published by Bahru Bayisa on Oct 24, 2015
Therefore, we the undersigned, the Oromo Diaspora all over the world, those living under the tyranny of the current Ethiopian government, as well as all the friends of the Oromo people, call up on President Obama and the Congress of the United States of America, to put the... more
Petition published by Olabode olajide on Oct 24, 2015
I request the Nigerian government, parliament and non governmental organizations investigate this wicked act on Aduragbemi Jones and other... more
Petition published by Sarah Millett on Oct 23, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on both local and national legislature, to create stricter underage drinking laws, proactive and preventative enforcement, and interlock ignition interaction to assist in preventing such a devastating event from occurring... more
Petition published by EEOC Provost Adult Learning & Literacy on Oct 22, 2015
We, the undersigned support EEOC Provost Adult Learning & Literacy in requesting that Alberta Infrastructure does not sell currently owned buildings that have Non Profit Organizations as tenants and furthermore Alberta Infrastructure continue with their current... more
Petition published by Adam Chawesh on Oct 22, 2015
CIC careless reaction

Ignoring the hardship facing some immigrants epitomize an intense anti-immigrant sentiment by CIC. To promote them to speed the... more
Petition published by Carolyn on Oct 20, 2015
I am starting this petition to as I've sent numerous emails to parliament and they are not hearing just one person. If we all stand together for Nicholas and the fight for the newborn testing, we can save other parents from going through the same devastating... more
Petition published by Ramon Taylor on Oct 17, 2015
We the residents of Charles County Maryland, call on the government of Charles County to make available faster internet speed by permitting Google Fiber to expand to Charles County Maryland.... more