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Petition published by 4americans on Jan 27, 2008
We, the undersigned, petition house file 2026 to be signed into the law of... more
Petition published by Dr. Ashraf Abbasi on Jan 27, 2008
The fatal bullet that went through the neck of Benazir Bhutto also pierced through the hearts and souls of millions of freedom, peace and democracy loving people around the world. Her death was not only mourned in Pakistan but across the globe like no other leader in the... more
Petition published by LizWoolford1 on Jan 27, 2008
We the undersigned have decided that it is time we stood up and spoke out. We want to let everyone know that we no longer have any confidence in our Government.... more
Petition published by Dede Charles on Jan 27, 2008
Kibaki ought to do the honourable thing while he still has some honour to his name - withdraw his insistence that he won the elections, resign and call for a re-run.... more
Petition published by Mark Barlow on Jan 25, 2008
Consistency in Law is a must. Every single person has to be subject to the same laws and there cannot be any discrimination.

Please sign this petition to show your support to stop actors... more
Petition published by Jo on Jan 25, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on all governments to recognise 29th February as an official non-working day when it falls on a weekday.... more
Petition published by Michael Pohlable on Jan 23, 2008
The course of human events has once again led us into a time of great turmoil, where we are faced by threats to our sovereignty, not by a foreign King or country seeking to rule us through some ill conceived divine right, but by the government we created through... more
Petition published by Anthony on Jan 23, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to address Australia on its use of the unemployed and elderly as slave labour in volunteer... more
Petition published by Oljirra on Jan 23, 2008
We, Oromo and other citizens of Ethiopia, demand that the Ethopian government allow Jimma Times to have license for its independent Afaan Oromo newspaper in Ethiopia.... more
Petition published by SJP on Jan 23, 2008
California Senators Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein,

As the world watches in horror the Israeli government continues its brutal... more