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Petition published by Justin Shope on Apr 16, 2008
"We the artists of the world declare that the Orphan Works Bill be refuted and negated from being officiated and passed by United States Congress as an act/law of any form."... more
Petition published by Joseph Salim on Apr 16, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the UN to investigate and interfere immediately for the release of the prisoners of the civil disobedience of the 6th of April-2008 in Egypt and call on the Egyptian government to halt all violations of human... more
Petition published by Glory Thai on Apr 15, 2008
We, the People, of Our planet Earth care about our Mother Nature and notice that we humans are affecting our Earth and all her inhabitants.... more
Petition published by Paula Castle on Apr 15, 2008
We, the undersigned, hereby request an inquiry into the current social and benefits system in the UK. We feel it is unfair and allows far too much fraudulent claiming alongside pure and unadulterated laziness.... more
Petition published by Ron Wilcox on Apr 15, 2008
No Social Security Checks for Illegal Aliens

Whereas, it’s bad enough that illegal aliens are flooding over our borders and destroying our country;... more
Petition published by megan on Apr 13, 2008
It is of great democratic value that individuals participate in the production of their own energy resources.

We, the undersigned, call for renewable energies, including wind,... more
Petition published by Naomi on Apr 13, 2008
We at the People's Environment Initiative - ZiPee Bikes - are calling for the immediate installtion of more electric charge points in inner cities.... more
Petition published by Kerrie Holland on Apr 12, 2008
Please sign my petition to prevent the closure of fire stations, the government should be putting more money into the fire service.... more
Petition published by Rose on Apr 12, 2008
After reading the preceeding article, and doing independant research, I agree fully that this act clearly violates my rights as an... more
Petition published by Fala Givens on Apr 11, 2008
President Bush,

We are asking that you consider not testing for the Foot and Mouth Disease by slaughtering hundreds of cattle and bringing this disease... more