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Petition published by Tom Brewer on Jun 20, 2008
We the undersigned demand the government re-introduce passenger rail service in Western Canada on the southern route namely from Winnipeg thru Regina and on to Vancouver via Calgary,... more
Petition published by Peter on Jun 20, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the State and Federal governments to keep financially supporting TV Channel 31, Perth... more
Petition published by Amit Kumar Agrawal on Jun 20, 2008
UPDATE - Feb 21, 2010
---------------------------------------------------------... more
Petition published by Dr David Nicholl on Jun 19, 2008
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens and healthcare workers who wish to protest regarding the ongoing detention without charge for over 6 years in US custody of Dr Ayman Saeed Bartarfi.... more
Petition published by Phillip Davis on Jun 19, 2008
WE The undersigned, Call on the Shediac town council to step in and help the Neptune Drive-in theatre, an Historic Landmark from closing.... more
Petition published by Carol Rushby on Jun 18, 2008
We, the undersigned, request that the the New South Wales Minister for Agriculture and the State Government refrain from implementing the following recommendations of the Integrated Marketing Communications Pty Ltd review into the structure of the NSW Rural Lands Protection... more
Petition published by Elrond on Jun 18, 2008
We, the fans and other concerned people of Forgotten Realms, call on Wizards of the Coast to restart the production and publication of a Forgotten Realms... more
Petition published by Thomas Guy on Jun 18, 2008
We the undersigned, as taxpayers, demand our Senators and Congressmen to reconsider their decision of “taxing our Social Security” after retiring. We Citizens feel that this is a case of double jeopardy by the IRS.... more
Petition published by Sheila Wood on Jun 18, 2008
Please consider that I want to be removed from the Sexual Registry as I have been on it since 10/30/91 and been reporting since 3/26/2001..... more
Petition published by Fucktard on Jun 18, 2008
Should we ban school sign if you think yes.(Sign It... more