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Petition published by ANDRE T. MUKENDI on Jan 10, 2009
Since 27th October 2008, news report in the DRC is increasing interest and concern. We are aware that Tens of Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in Congo and they have now desperately looking for food, shelter, security and medical care etc. In January... more
Petition published by parentsrightsback on Jan 10, 2009
The government say that parents or guardians are to blame for the way their teenagers behave but I have found that the rules say that children have more rights than their parents. I propose to have the law changed to it gives parents their rights back.... more
Petition published by Emily on Jan 10, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the government to make available

- More awareness of pre-natal and post-natal depression with confidential counselling sessions readily available for pregnant... more
Petition published by Miguel on Jan 09, 2009
Disclosure from the United States Government to the citizens of the world of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, flying crafts of extra-terrestrial origin must occur.... more
Petition published by Kerry Friedman on Jan 09, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Congress to reinsert the section regarding a driver-reminder system to prevent children and pets from dying due to vehicular entrapment into the 'Cameron Gilbransen Kids Transportation Safety act of 2007", (PL 110-189) prior to the... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jan 08, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the following actions:

1. Send UN Peacekeepers into Gaza and the West Bank to provide security for the Palestinians and surrounding Israeli towns.... more
Petition published by JerusaB54 on Jan 08, 2009
We the undersigned petition Republicans to do everything in their power to assist with the recovery of Social SewcurityTax cuts funds lost by government bailouts, banking institution bailouts and stealing public money right under the nose of the people, taxpayers,... more
Petition published by Hannah on Jan 08, 2009
We the undersigned citizens of Knoxville, call upon the Knoxville City Council to repeal the yard parking ordinance voted upon on December 31,... more
Petition published by Nathan Knorr on Jan 07, 2009
To: The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Petition published by Dawn Michelle LaPolla on Jan 07, 2009
Reformation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) HR4040

We, the undersigned, believe that HR4040 unfairly targets small... more