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Petition published by Elisha on May 23, 2008
I call on the Australian government to take a harder stance on marijuana with real punishment for growing selling and smoking.... more
Petition published by daniel on May 22, 2008
Stop war. The war is makeing the usa a bad place to be.... more
Petition published by James Leamon on May 22, 2008
I Want the government to put a cap on the current oil prices and lower gas... more
Petition published by Terri Barron on May 22, 2008
The anonymous telephone line, dedicated to senior issues, would encourage all, including caregivers, who are afraid to lose their jobs, to come forward and to report incidents, without fear of retaliation.... more
Petition published by debbie boggs on May 22, 2008
Help the elderly who have Alzheimer's... more
Petition published by dachlostar on May 22, 2008
We the undersigned call on Food Standards Australia New Zealand to amend baby food labeling laws so that baby food labels adhere to WHO guidelines.... more
Petition published by Angela on May 21, 2008
• I am calling for you to place an immediate moratorium on Coal. This includes a moratorium on coal exports, new coal mines and the opening of coal fired power stations. Prominent NASA climate scientist James Hanson made a similar request recently. He stated... more
Petition published by FOMZI on May 21, 2008
We, the undersigned Friends of Mt. Zion Institute, local residents, merchants, property owners, alumni and attendees of Mt. Zion Institute, and historic building conservation supporters, wish to strongly recommend to the Mayor and Town Council members of the Town... more
Petition published by Eric S Hopkins on May 21, 2008
Please support this petition for Enoch who has surely earned legal residency in the United... more
Petition published by Laura on May 21, 2008
please sign my petition in order to get help from the government to stamp out the problem with headlice in our schools, bring back 'the nit... more