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Petition published by David Barry on Oct 08, 2008
We the undersigned people of The United States of America, in order to correct the path of our Union, agree to not vote for any candidate for President, United States Senate, or United States Representative that does not agree to work with the highest priority to enact the... more
Petition published by wayneredhart on Oct 08, 2008
We, the undersigned call on the UK government to subsidise a release of Neighbours COMPLETE and UNEDITED in a boxset, in order to enable the citizens of the British Empire to relive the golden years of our past.... more
Petition published by elaine aldaker on Oct 07, 2008
We, the undersigned petition the governments of the United Kingdom and of Syria, to assist in the process of locating Abdallah Aldaker, and to facilitate negotiations for his safe... more
Petition published by Sean on Oct 06, 2008
We, the residents and tax payers of Gary, Indiana, demand that the Gary Sanitary District suspend its resolution to privatize garbage pick-up.... more
Petition published by Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia on Oct 06, 2008
Petition on Nova Scotia FOIPOP Act Fees

Whereas the $25.00 fee and related costs have been shown to be burdensome for many citizens looking for information from government... more
Petition published by Toxics Link on Oct 06, 2008
We, the undersigned citizens of this country, do appeal to you to bring necessary legislation to eliminate the use of lead in paints, and thereby saving people especially children from significant health hazards associated with lead.... more
Petition published by on Oct 06, 2008

We the undersigned submit our signature in support of points 1-3 below for a public referendum.... more
Petition published by SAM A. BRUNO on Oct 05, 2008
We, the undersigned, request and expect the trustees and administration of our public school district and elected officials of our borough government to exercise their authority to maintain the scheduling of the annual Tenafly HS v. Dumont HS Turkey Bowl... more
Petition published by Philippine Foundation on Oct 05, 2008
... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Oct 05, 2008
We the people, citizens of all countries of the world, wish to request that our political and business leaders especially in the plastics manufacturing and retail grocery industries make a concerted effort produce and sell bio-degradable plastic garbage bags that are not... more