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Petition published by USCJ Webmaster on Oct 29, 2008
WHEREAS: Those Falash Mura remaining in Ethiopia who are of maternal lineage have been declared to be Jews by successive chief rabbis of Israel, and... more
Petition published by martyn on Oct 29, 2008
The government should bring in a windfall tax on gas and electricity companies and give the money to local communities to make their own electricity – this can provide jobs for local people and electricity whose price won't go up because it doesn't use fuel from... more
Petition published by Donna Ludwig on Oct 29, 2008
Please help me to convey a message to Chief Dr. Paul Messenger. Cape Alumina Pty Ltd. must not go ahead with the mining. They must realize in doing so would be disastrous and there would be no recovery from it.... more
Petition published by Patrick Dillon on Oct 28, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the state of Nevada to reconsider its education funding cut.

Nevada should allow every Nevadan child to have a fighting chance in... more
Petition published by Steve Rodrigues on Oct 28, 2008
To all 515 individuals that have signed the petition starting October 28, 2008 and up to September 4, 2009 we extend our appreciation and want to thank you. But, we must continue to save the Kalakala and sustain preservation efforts by continuing to seek 1000's of... more
Petition published by Samantha Katerina Bondarenko on Oct 27, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the world to show the New Zealand government that rodeo is wrong, and must be stopped now - once and for all.... more
Petition published by John Rickard on Oct 27, 2008
To HON. John Brumby MP, Premier of Victoria,

We the undersigned request that an immediate offer of purchase be made on homes of the Brookland Greens estate within the EPA... more
Petition published by fixwilsonyard on Oct 27, 2008
Fix Wilson Yard!

Wilson Yard, located at the corner of Montrose and Broadway, is the largest parcel of undeveloped land on the North side of Chicago. It... more
Petition published by Theodora Floros on Oct 26, 2008
To the Provincial and Federal governments of Quebec and Canada;

We the people are standing alone in our fight to survive the economic instability in our country.... more
Petition published by Australian Ug'ers on Oct 25, 2008
The Australian government has decided it would be a good idea to censor the Internet, making Australia an essentially Totalitarian state. Sign this petition to stop this from happening.... more