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Petition published by Michael on Dec 05, 2008
It is time we rid ourselves of the... more
Petition published by Bryant McMurphy on Dec 05, 2008
Whereas the government of Canada requires regulation for all things from posession of knives to firearms, we the undersigned submit this petition to keep Joel Warwickshire's Mother free of ALL government regulation.... more
Petition published by VGOC on Dec 05, 2008
Dangerous ID is an anti-gun citizen control scheme that will not stop terrorism or solve our immigration problems.

It is an unfunded federal mandate that will cost taxpaying Virginians... more
Petition published by cary on Dec 05, 2008
We the undersigned want election reform to included immediate Expulsion from parliament for making false statements in print or interviews by any member of the house of... more
Petition published by BugMeNot on Dec 04, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on her majesty, the queen of England to consider the abolishing of the Governor General's role in the governance of Canada.... more
Petition published by William Roland Church on Dec 04, 2008
This is a petition to oppose the enactment of a Bill of Rights by federal parliament. We believe:

(i) A legislative Bill of rights places too much power in the... more
Petition published by Ernest Hochhalter on Dec 04, 2008
Petition to the Governor General by the People

Canadians often ask themselves if the position of Governor General is worth its great cost to the people. This is one of those rare... more
Petition published by Sandy McInnis on Dec 04, 2008
To Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada:

We, the undersigned, call on the Office of the Governor General of... more
Petition published by afPE on Dec 04, 2008
I believe that physical education should be at the core of the primary school curriculum, alongside literacy and numeracy, with “Physical education, health and emotional well being” as a statutory... more
Petition published by Matthew Keevil on Dec 03, 2008
We, the undersigned, petition Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to uphold the ideals of our democratic nation, and immediately call a general election in the face of non-confidence motion in the House of Commons on December 8, 2008.... more