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Petition published by Adelita Gonzalez on Jul 05, 2008
We, the undersigned, believe it is unfair of US cell phone companies to charge consumers for incoming calls.

Landlines do not charge the user for incoming calls. Mexican citizens... more
Petition published by Sean Spencer on Jul 05, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the State Government of Victoria to immediately shelve plans for an East-West Road Tunnel in Melbourne and to invest the equivalent funds for such a project, into the development of a world-class public transport system that takes into... more
Petition published by Sammey on Jul 03, 2008
Horses have been giving us their loyalty and respect since our earliest days on this planet. Is this how we repay them?

Horses are not food. So sign this petition now. We must stop horse... more
Petition published by nicola on Jul 03, 2008
We the undersigned ask that the Government do NOT go along with the Racing Industry to opt for self-regulation with minimal regulations due to the widespread and unnecessary suffering of... more
Petition published by 'concerned Australians' on Jul 02, 2008
To the Honourable President, Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled.

The petition of the undersigned shows concern for the suspension of... more
Petition published by Jennifer on Jul 02, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the State to enforce the mandatory urine testing of people requesting welfare... more
Petition published by David McAuliffe on Jul 01, 2008
This e-petition is to petition for people on income support and disability living allowance to get help with costs of ever rising gas, electricity, petrol and food prices.... more
Petition published by Joanna H. Rydzewski on Jun 30, 2008
I am recommending that the Government needs to put better regulatory standards on this problem and usage of FORMALDEHYDE.

It is in woods, glue, dentures, fabric, most cars but levels are... more
Petition published by Blair Metcalf on Jun 30, 2008
I, the undersigned, urge you, Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, to please help fund this amazing and valuable project in Western Australia before it closes down due to lack of... more
Petition published by Pomponio on Jun 29, 2008
Los abajo firmantes pedimos que le apliquen el 33 a Yoni CAMOTE (Juan CAmilo MOurino TErrazo), secretario de gorilacion del gobierno espurio, y pedimos que lo regresen de vuelta a Butrafago de las Alpargatas en... more