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Petition published by briana on Oct 18, 2008
We shouldn't have to pay high taxes for other countries or our foreigners living in our community, they pay there bills. We pay ours, not that its a nice thing to do, but we have people working hard, all day all night, some people have kids and they cant see... more
Petition published by briana on Oct 17, 2008
Barack already has enough problems, I heard he wears bullet proof vests and has bullet proof windows in his... more
Petition published by Democracy Center on Oct 17, 2008
Petition to the Bush Administration, Congress, and Incoming U.S. President

If President Bush implements his threat to remove Bolivia from the... more
Petition published by James Noe on Oct 17, 2008
We, the undersigned, are opposed to the plans to expand the Tesco store in Station Road,... more
Petition published by Ryan Thompson on Oct 17, 2008
It is widely known that cannabis has many medicinal properties that far exceed other drugs with similar properties because of of this medicines overall safety.... more
Petition published by Joerg on Oct 16, 2008
Ich fordere in meiner Petition das Ministerium für Arbeit und Soziales in Baden-Württemberg auf umfassend und ausführlich zu meinen Fragen über die Bescheinigung zu dem Berufsabschluß des Med.-techn. Assistenten zu antworten. Jeder Bürger soll das Recht... more
Petition published by Malcolm Morrow on Oct 16, 2008
We the undersigned call on the Irish Government to rethink their current views on the VAT on motorcycle safety equipment.

Helmets Protective clothing and tyres are the most vital part of... more
Petition published by Scott Messina on Oct 16, 2008
Dear (Lawmaker),

I am outraged that my government passed the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008 that bails out Wall Street, places the tax burden onto... more
Petition published by Jessica Spencer on Oct 16, 2008
The Bush Administration has put in place the proposal for the 'North America Union'. N.A.U, (those of you who don't know) is a proposal to combine Canada, America, and Mexico into one 'N. America community'; Essentially erasing the boarders of Canada, and Mexico;... more
Petition published by Cuoc Le on Oct 15, 2008
Dear Distinguished Friends and Compatriots!!

When a nation is prosper or to perish, of course, every one has responsibility to save the nation. Only Vietnamese can save their... more