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Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 04, 2008
The Prime Minister
Republic of India
Delhi... more
Petition published by Shan Thuraisingham on Nov 03, 2008
Repeal the draconian Cooperative Commission Act. Transparency and accountability for funds contributed is demanded.

Action should be taken against mismanagement in the apex cooperative... more
Petition published by Dita on Nov 03, 2008
We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the federal government’s proposal to compulsorily censor Internet content.

We deserve the choice to have uncensored access.... more
Petition published by Mohammed on Nov 02, 2008
We, the undersigned, demand that the Canadian Government does the following:

1) Provide an apology to the rest of the countries that have signed... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 02, 2008
Advocates for tougher criminal sentencing guidelines/laws in the public and private sector must surely be aware.....or be made aware that "getting tough on crime" by increasing sentencing guidelines not only keeps inmates confined for longer periods of time but also... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 02, 2008
We the citizens of the U.S. wish to be governed by the government of the United States and not by big business or private industry who does not represent us in a truly democratic fashion since were not able to vote on who owns/runs large corporations or vote on the... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 02, 2008
The labeling now on most clothing and shoes simply states the country of origin of the item, which is often a third world country with possibly weak or non-existent labor and and/or environmental standards/laws.... more
Petition published by Kris Gaudet on Nov 02, 2008
Dear Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,

"Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. The "delicacy" known as... more
Petition published by Scott Morrison on Nov 01, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, State of Michigan Legislative branch, and State of Michigan Executive branch to IMMEDIATELY repeal the law requiring payment of a $500.00 registration fee for an initial 3 year license and a $300.00 renewal... more
Petition published by Nadine Lipton on Nov 01, 2008
Community schools are the backbone of our education system in New Brunswick. One week before the start of the school year, water damage was discovered at one of our schools and since then, the school has been temporarily closed and all of the students, staff,... more