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Petition published by Kathy on Jun 20, 2009
If you are in agreement that Bermuda needs a change of leadership, please sign this petition. If you are not in agreement, don't sign it...simple.... more
Petition published by Amanda Wilson on Jun 19, 2009
I am asking people to support us to keep our fan pages to promote the organisation.

How else are we going to get out there no one knows we... more
Petition published by saeedh on Jun 19, 2009
We, the Iranian people, inspired by the wisdom of democratic principles are disturbed by the recent socio/political events in Iran. We feel the Iranian government’s violation of Iranian rights and total disregard for the people’ aspiration for... more
Petition published by cepunion on Jun 19, 2009
The amendments purposed under Bill 80 to the Construction Industry Labour Relations Act are unjust and unnecessary. That the present system has worked fine with over 17 years with a work disruption.... more
Petition published by Hong Kong Arts Discovery Channel on Jun 18, 2009

關注香港藝術館小組公開信(二)... more
Petition published by Selena L'estrange on Jun 18, 2009
I'm asking the Australian government to take these matters VERY seriously, I am asking that these current laws are reformed and made tougher, I am asking that the police be given more power to charge offenders for these type of crimes, I am asking that offenders are... more
Petition published by Negin on Jun 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Amnesty Internationals secretary Irene Khan, to eliminate military force against the people of Iran from the hands of their government, and to investigate the fraudulent actions of the... more
Petition published by Anna Schubert on Jun 18, 2009
I, the undersigned, call on Iranian government to enable Iranian people to be free and to live in freedom and democracy acc. to their religion and custom, to live without dictatorship, to live in peace towards the whole... more
Petition published by SWIPP UK on Jun 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask the international community to show their solidarity with the Iranian people by asking their governments not to recognise the Iranian presidential election results, to question the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad’s government and to pressure Iran to... more
Petition published by maryam on Jun 17, 2009
We the undersigned want the Indiana legislators to pass a law that bans smoking in restaurant, bars, government worksites and private... more