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Petition published by Teresa Robinson on Jul 23, 2009
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to fund a public service advertising campaign which raises awareness of child abuse and neglect, and conveys a message that child abuse MUST be... more
Petition published by Katherine on Jul 23, 2009
Basically this petition is to say Centrelink shape up or ship... more
Petition published by John M Miller on Jul 22, 2009
We the undersigned urge the U.S. government to strictly prohibit any U.S. cooperation with or assistance to the Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus).... more
Petition published by Adrineth on Jul 22, 2009
It is alarming how SAROADLINK continues to operate as usual despite claiming the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and our friends.... more
Petition published by joanne on Jul 21, 2009
No to the Wyangala Dam road closure. Wyangala Village will suffer.

State Water NSW plans to close the road access atop the Wyangala Dam... more
Petition published by david on Jul 21, 2009
I am asking people to back me on this biblically the good lord is coming soon and very soon all the signs are n place for his... more
Petition published by Senthura on Jul 21, 2009
Please save Tamils in Sri... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jul 21, 2009
Yes, I support AB 1383! AB 1383 will enable California to receive significant additional federal funding for our distressed hospital health care system.... more
Petition published by Shannon Ellis on Jul 20, 2009
The government has passed the bill to make it where incandescent lights are off the shelves by 2014 and compact fluorescent lights will replace them.I have a son who has Congenital Erythropopietic Porphyria and is allergic to UVa, UVB, Fluorescents, Mercury,... more
Petition published by Concerned_Citizen on Jul 20, 2009
Please scroll down for English translation!

Petisi ini meminta pemerintah Indonesia untuk mengambil tindakan segera dengan menerapkan “Jumat Tanpa Daging” dan mempromosikan... more