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Petition published by Sylvan Media Solutions on Aug 30, 2009
Learn More & Join the Fight

For generations, Americans have loved listening to their favorite radio station. In addition to playing music, radio stations offer... more
Petition published by Brian Hill on Aug 30, 2009
USWGO Official Political Campaign Petition:

The One World Government sounds good and all with unity, diversity, world peace, and a end to world poverty but there are some very big... more
Petition published by Brian Pham on Aug 30, 2009
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

It has now been more than three months since officers of the San Jose Police Department shot and killed Daniel Son Pham in the back yard... more
Petition published by Sumedha Sharma on Aug 28, 2009
We, the undersigned ask the Canadian National and the B.C. government, in conjunction with the newly created B.C. Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons to devote their anti trafficking efforts in the following areas:... more
Petition published by Anti-The Biggest Loser on Aug 28, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the World Health Organization or any related organization to ban the reality shows The Biggest Loser because they encourage a false message that rapid weight loss is right, in reality, it does more harm than good, leading health... more
Petition published by Ithopia on Aug 28, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Law Enforcement and The Government at large to be more transparent when it comes to threats to our community.... more
Petition published by nattrust on Aug 28, 2009
We the undersigned call on the State Government and Minister for Public Transport not to scrap the 40 cream and green W Class trams.... more
Petition published by Marily Cintra on Aug 27, 2009
We, the undersigned, wish to submit our objections to the proposed changes to the purpose of the lease of Blocks 177 and 188 Paddys River, known as Cuppacumbalong and urge the ACT government to ensure the lessee complies with the existing conditions of the lease.... more
Petition published by Bernadette Brown on Aug 27, 2009
We the undersigned appeal to the British Embassy for a much fairer system as to who should/should not be granted a visitor's visa and feel it should be based on accreditation and a good legitimate reason for... more
Petition published by Jamal Daoud on Aug 27, 2009

We, the undersigned Australian citizens, have serious concerns about... more