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Petition published by RajPaul Sandhu on May 31, 2009
We, the undersigned, say Assure the safety of Indian students in... more
Petition published by puppymill on May 31, 2009
We, the undersigned, urge the British Columbia provincial government to boycott puppy mills. These high capacity breeding facilities are merciless and inhumane, perhaps something we will never experience or fully understand.... more
Petition published by John Hart on May 30, 2009
We the undersigned join with Restaurant & Catering Australia to thank the Deputy Prime Minister for understanding that this labour intensive industry needs effective employment arrangements and for acting to ensure this is the case in the... more
Petition published by Patriotic Somalilander on May 30, 2009
We the undersigned, call the UN, AU and all nations of the world to recognise, as an independent sovereign nation, the Republic of... more
Petition published by iswaran on May 29, 2009
Dear Sirs,

We, the Tamils supporters, note that the Sri Lankan State (SS) has commenced negotiations with the IMF for a Stand-by Arrangement for... more
Petition published by Varun Rattan Singh on May 29, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Government of India to confer on Dr Verghese Kurien the highest civilian honour of the nation – ‘Bharat... more
Petition published by Laura A Lee on May 29, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the US to raise awareness and help our fellow Americans in need from the recession! Lets stand up and say BEFORE..... AFTER (America Fighting To End Recession). Let's reverse this "It has to get worse before it gets better" to " LET IT... more
Petition published by Call 2 Character Campaign on May 28, 2009
Therefore we hereby call for a national campaign to affirm core values that form the basis of personal and national character. Toward that end, we propose programs and activities that enable us to:... more
Petition published by lorenzo on May 28, 2009
It's not possible to live in a world where this happens.. Every day in Egypt police and people shoot and poison dogs and cats in the streets!!... more
Petition published by jill knight on May 28, 2009
We the undersigned demand that the Qld State government change the laws so that a judge or magistrate cannot suppress the identity of a serious sex offender unless the identity will also identify the victim.... more