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Petition published by Masha on Feb 10, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon to the authorities of the Russian Federation to take immediately effective measures for preservation of unique natural complexes of subtropical forests of the Mediterranean type located on Utrish, Abrausskij Peninsula and... more
Petition published by matthew robertson on Feb 10, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Welsh Assembly Government (Communities Next) to continue to fund the information and advice service based in Gilfach Goch as we feel that it is of major importance to the success of this community and in assisting members... more
Petition published by Dan Murphy on Feb 09, 2009
We the undersigned Citizens of The United States of America hereby call upon both houses of the Congress of the United States, the President of the United States, as well as the President's appointees, to immediately volunteer to be audited by the Internal... more
Petition published by P.O.D.A.T. on Feb 09, 2009
NO#1.Decriminalize consensual sex!

[How many times have turned on your TV- viewed where an underage person who is of ill repute or promiscuous or a drug user... more
Petition published by Gary on Feb 09, 2009
Whereas the Employees Free Choice Act (hereto referred to as the EFCA, aka H.R. 800/S. 1041) can be construed as unconstitutional, we vehemently oppose the passage of this Legislation for the following reasons:... more
Petition published by Charlotte Lacey on Feb 09, 2009
Please join us in protesting Egypt’s repressive practices and preventing further detention of Philip Rizk.

We, the undersigned,... more
Petition published by Manius on Feb 08, 2009
Let the citizens unite and prevent opprobrium conduct from occurring by our senators. We have the urgent need to prevent a small group of 100 senators from ever conspiring against the public.... more
Petition published by Cheryl Allen on Feb 07, 2009
We, the undersigned, call the Egyptian government to stop the unnecessary killing of homeless dogs. Stop the senseless poisonings and shootings.... more
Petition published by Christopher Reichel on Feb 06, 2009
We the undersigned respectfully request that if New Hampshire and other such states described within, secede from the United States of America, that New York State formally withdraws from the Union as... more
Petition published by Jenny on Feb 06, 2009
We the undersigned request the appropriate government body take steps to eliminate the possibility of more people jumping off or being thrown off the WestGate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia, by erecting a fence of some description along the sides of the bridge.... more