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Petition published by Marlene mossayebi on Feb 07, 2015
Please Stand firm before unfair justice and seek justice based on past record and... more
Petition published by Krissie vanier on Feb 07, 2015
Wilson was born July 26th 2007 with Hirschsprung's disease, at 10 days old he had his first operation(pull through). Many kids born with HD only need the pull through then they go on to live normal lives. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for Wilson. He suffered with... more
Petition published by Brave New World on Feb 06, 2015
Attention Congress. This economic plan is being submitted for your consideration. A number of reputable economists have already endorsed it. Please show your support.... more
Petition published by sampathrao sudhakar on Feb 06, 2015
We the undersigned want the government of india, the reserve bank of india and the supreme court of india to intervene, investigate and stop such a fraudulent NBFC, punish the management for exploiting the poor and innocent public and recover the billions of rupees it... more
Petition published by Geoff Holland on Feb 05, 2015
We the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland respectfully request the Queensland state Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR), in consultation with Cairns Regional Council, Sunbus and Cairns Airport, organise for public buses to run in both directions between... more
Petition published by Jordan on Feb 05, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the B.C provincial government of Canada to stop the unnecessary and unethical culling of wolves in British... more
Petition published by KC on Feb 04, 2015
Devastatingly, Furness School now faces closure. We cannot deny that in recent years Furness has endured problems, however we have remained strong and positive, tackling each problem as a team with a common goal. Often the struggles have been as a result of... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on Feb 04, 2015
WHEREAS: Navid Haghighi and Shahram Falah are imprisoned on three-year sentences based on charges which were politically motivated;

AND WHEREAS: The only "crime" for which Navid Haghighi and Shahram... more
Petition published by Shrink The Government LLC on Feb 03, 2015
If you want to break the power of Washington, D.C., if you want a smaller government this is the best way to do it! Doing this will be difficult because the current members of the House of Representatives will not want to relinquish their power!... more
Petition published by Zanthia Daniel on Feb 03, 2015
Make Child Support Evasion a... more