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Petition published by Frederick shermer on Jun 25, 2014
I call on the UK government to debate the issue of term time holiday entitlement so that it is universal and flexible for family needs.... more
Petition published by Chris Hagood on Jun 24, 2014
As the union crumbles under corruption we the people of Mississippi would like to peacefully withdraw from the United stated of America to maintain our economic, political, and religious freedom and... more
Petition published by GOLD MIND- UNLTD on Jun 23, 2014
We, the undersigned, request the United States government and the Social Security Administrations to discontinue its practice of denying applicants and requiring individuals to hire attorneys to represents them in order to receive benefits that they are entitled... more
Petition published by linzI on Jun 23, 2014
Hope we can file this petition and have hope that these families can be re-housed with the appropriate modifications... more
Petition published by Mirella Sacco on Jun 20, 2014
We the undersigned citizens of Alberta Canada urge the Government of Alberta, the Health Minister and Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program Executive Director to work with clients and vendors to create and change the policy surrounding distribution of medical... more
Petition published by Khalil Nasri on Jun 20, 2014
1. We call upon the United Nations, the Government of the United States of America and the European Union, to exert pressure on care-taker President, Mr. Karzai to stop playing politics with the faith of the Afghan People with the desire of continuing his... more
Petition published by Cung uk Thawng on Jun 19, 2014
Support Christians in... more
Petition published by mikehusted on Jun 19, 2014
Support Compassionate Allowances for Disabled... more
Petition published by Lance Attanasio on Jun 19, 2014
We have shed too much blood to stop now.

Drill for oil.
Control the borders.... more
Petition published by African Reparations Movement on Jun 17, 2014
"We the People" demand that the United Nations address the issue of reparations as it pertains to those of African descent. This mandate is embedded in both national and international law. Reparations are for the national governments allowing slavery and the racist,... more