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Petition published by Ukrainian Canadian Congress on Mar 20, 2014
On behalf of the 1.2-million Ukrainian Canadian community, concerned with the slanderous information propaganda war and ethnic hatred spread by RT (Russia Today), Perviy Kanal and NTV TV channels of the Russian Federation, I would like state the following:... more
Petition published by Lewis Broughton on Mar 20, 2014
Please sign up to this petition if you believe that the East Riding Council should offer to fund stewards for this amazing event that has been a tradition in the village many years... more
Petition published by Hedy on Mar 20, 2014
We, the citizens of Australia, declare that we want the government of Australia to decriminalise recreational marijuana and legalise medicinal... more
Petition published by Colin Price on Mar 20, 2014
Send a clear message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop, and the rest of the Liberal Party of Australia.... more
Petition published by Nicole G. on Mar 18, 2014
We, the undersigned, call to the New Jersey state government to promote better foster care living conditions, to carry out stronger background checks on foster parents, and to advocate parents to attend therapy sessions in order that they might encourage a more... more
Petition published by mark brown on Mar 17, 2014
Medicare should fund all the GP visits and not charge us for it.

Once this change is made it will be like the PBS. In this country it used to be that all medicines were free but now over time and every... more
Petition published by Amanda H on Mar 16, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland government to establish youth suitable entertainment... more
Petition published by JOHN FRANK on Mar 16, 2014
It is widely acknowledged that when people buy goods and services, their consumer rights is protected. This is so because it is the role of any government to eradicate unfair business practices to make sure that the population is not cheated.... more
Petition published by Legalise weed uk on Mar 15, 2014
Please help by signing my petition to get cannabis legalised in the UK as a taxable... more
Petition published by jodie tangikara on Mar 14, 2014
We, the Australian people call on the Queensland Government to help Queenslanders reduce the rate of electricity or at least give us options to have more suppliers we can choose from.... more