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Petition published by tom claffy on Aug 23, 2014
In the face of unfounded growing opposition and a call for the resignation of certain officials in the city of Ferguson, Mo, it is important that long time citizens voice their support for our public servants.... more
Petition published by For a Better and Safer Winnsboro on Aug 22, 2014
This Resolution must address the following concerns and provide a plan of protection for Winnsboro Citizens:

A. Increased public health risk:... more
Petition published by Pennsylvanians for Injured Workers on Aug 22, 2014
We, the undersigned, ask that our Pennsylvania state Senators vote no on House Bill 1846.

We believe this legislation constitutes unnecessary government... more
Petition published by Giorgio Di Franco on Aug 21, 2014
I would like the Government of the City of Ottawa to change the city logo to something that does not suggest a Satanic... more
Petition published by Bianca thomas on Aug 21, 2014
We the undersigned call on Facebook to remove all real names from public eyes and let us use nicknames for our public profiles in order to protect us from IDENTITY... more
Petition published by Corissa Arndt on Aug 21, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the city council of Indianola to write a new ordinance to allow poultry to be kept within city... more
Petition published by Ashley on Aug 20, 2014
Stop BSL the government is trying to have our sweet pit bulls reprimanded for being mean killers.

I need to turn and look at the other person on the end of the leash,... more
Petition published by Funke on Aug 20, 2014
We, the Undersigned, call on the federal government of Nigeria to make NYSC oreintation camp just one week, for the sanity and the safety of the... more
Petition published by Michelle Donnelly on Aug 18, 2014
We the undersigned request that our government and David Cameron refrain from being involved in wars.

Let's support the British people and our... more
Petition published by Mark Simmons on Aug 17, 2014
We, the undersigned, do not want to have Facebook in Australia. It is American garbage. Or as real Aussies say.... more