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Petition published by Michael on Feb 17, 2013
We, the undersigned, call upon the Federal Government to STOP wasting our money with back room deals and make ALL elected officials accountable with a one bill one vote and EVERYONE must... more
Petition published by Jerri Van Ellen on Feb 17, 2013
We citizens are fed up with everyones lies, betrayal and deceits from all the so called leaders of the USA! We should not even be threatened with anything that has to do with OUR constitution! Just because they can't find anyone who can even balance a penny flat on... more
Petition published by Libby on Feb 17, 2013
Tell Consumer Affairs Victoria and other Government departments that the Autistic community needs this school to be built.

Tell Government departments to allow this school to be created and to... more
Petition published by Melissa Lowcock on Feb 17, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on Event Cinemas and Palace Cinemas to stop choosing M and MA movies for their Babes In Arms... more
Petition published by John Forbes on Feb 16, 2013
The people of the World.

Please sign this petition to ask the Japanese government to stop... more
Petition published by Anette Meyer on Feb 16, 2013
Immediate & Unconditional Release of Human Rights Activist and Journalist Abolfazl... more
Petition published by jessica dubreuil on Feb 16, 2013
We, the tax paying residents of Rhode Island, call upon the Senate to deny the bill passing through of muzzling "bully type" breeds. These muzzle laws, restrictions on ownership, and potential bans are ineffective and impractical.... more
Petition published by alf on Feb 15, 2013
Abolish the firearm register and registry for long arms (rifles and shotguns) in Western... more
Petition published by GayRights on Feb 15, 2013
When the Declaration of Independence was written, did it not say that people have the right to have the road to happiness?

God made us all equal!... more
We want the government to abolish the bedroom tax!! We need a minimum of 100,000 signatures, make yours count.

We would also like an early... more