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Petition published by william cummings on Nov 17, 2012
Dear Mr. President and Both Houses of Congress,
we the people oppose giving our money to foreign governments.

We call for the immediate withdrawal of funds to Egypt, Pakistan, and... more
Petition published by german santiago on Nov 17, 2012
Say yes to statehood in any puerto rican... more
Petition published by Get rid of the electoral college on Nov 16, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on our government to dismantle the electoral college. We believe that each and every vote should count. To target certain states makes us feel as if many of our votes just do not count. In this high tech age it could be done.... more
Petition published by Jinsiyati on Nov 16, 2012
Sign this petition to amend the Lebanese nationality law n.15, and give women their natural right to extend their nationality and full citizenship to their children!... more
Petition published by Milette le Roux on Nov 15, 2012
The lion population in Africa is being reduced fast. 50 years ago there were 450,000 lions. Today as little as 20,000 remain. Less than half of that number lives in South Africa. Lion Trophy hunting is at an all time high. The Lion Trophy Hunting industry, including... more
Petition published by victor on Nov 15, 2012
Please help keeping this family together..

We the undersigned, call on I.C.E / D.H.S to stop order for deportation for Victor... more
Petition published by THE WHEEL PARTY MOVEMENT on Nov 14, 2012
We, the undersigned, hereby demand that the US Congress repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and all its amendments, modifications, alterations and successors and create a US National Bank where our treasury will deposit its newly minted coins and printed US Treasury... more
Petition published by Mark Brasseit on Nov 14, 2012
We petition the Obama Adminstration to peacefully grant the State of Florida to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government... more
Petition published by Mr. Dennis Metcalfe on Nov 14, 2012
We the people of the United States demand that Secretary Hillary R. Clinton step down from her position, due to the failure of adequate protection for the employees in Libya... more
Petition published by Leanne Wesolowski on Nov 13, 2012
We the undersigned do not want to pay more taxes.

We want our Government to stick to its Constitutional Charter and reduce its... more