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Petition published by Legacy on Oct 16, 2013
Hello Nintendo, I, Legacy, was wondering if you could advertise the Wii U some more? I mean, why not advertise some of your best Wii U games, and even the upcoming ones, much like Assassin's Creed 4. Just advertise upcoming games with the Wii U!... more
Petition published by Huggy Brook on Oct 16, 2013
Kixeye enough is enough.

We are all sick and tired of players cheating and nothing being done about it.... more
Petition published by Open Beta Petition on Oct 14, 2013
Come on people. Let's support this petition for the release of the Open Beta of... more
Petition published by Alex on Oct 11, 2013
We realize that League of Legends is an evil game that should be stopped... more
Petition published by Sam Ainsworth on Oct 09, 2013
Help me get Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xmas.

Just sign your... more
Petition published by Eric Docherty on Oct 09, 2013
Please sign my petition against the £2.00 Hike of the National Lottery Wednesday and Saturday... more
Petition published by Sparx on Oct 09, 2013
By signing this petition, we call on Activision to actually do something with these Characters or sell them to another company who will actually do something with... more
Petition published by Michael Boals on Oct 06, 2013
To Microsoft: We many of the online gaming network want you to reinstate online multiplayer support for splinter cell chaos theory spies versus mercs or work with ubi soft to release splinter cell chaos theory online available on Microsoft xbox... more
Petition published by Judy Helsing on Oct 05, 2013
We, the very first followers of Pokémon, call on the GameFreak and TV Tokyo to continue the anime "Pokémon: The Origins" with an extended version of the anime they have created because "Pokémon: The Origin" shows the real concept of Pokémon... more
Petition published by EaZeeeHD on Oct 03, 2013
This Petition is for BETHESDA Gaming company to use Raz's Dragon Tongue In Skyrim and Skyrim Online.

This would be a great feature to the game and it is an amazing... more