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Petition published by Martin Hartnup on Nov 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Sony and Playstation to refrain from closing down Playstion... more
Petition published by Luke Altman on Oct 31, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, Inc. to develop and publish, respectively, a remake each of the original "Deus Ex" & "Deus Ex: Invisible War" with an updated user interface and graphics and the ability to transfer save data from "Human... more
Petition published by Jason Alex Zahra on Oct 28, 2014
We, The Maltese Citizens, want Youtube to enable our country for monetization of our uploaded videos, and reach and go beyond the 200 people limit that is needed for Monetization to be available in Malta.... more
Petition published by Ferdinand Sitorus on Oct 27, 2014
Dear Playdom,

We, the undersigned, call to your attention to following problems that we, as a players are facing:... more
Petition published by Krash on Oct 20, 2014
We, people who have signed this petition, would like NetherRealm studios to consider the idea of creating "Mortal Kombat: Bass Wars Edition" and bring this concept (Concept:... more
Petition published by Devin Shoemaker on Oct 15, 2014
We want a Percy Jackson Lego... more
Petition published by Alexander Cannell on Oct 09, 2014
We want Pockie Ninja II Social back online.

We want Pockie Ninja II Social... more
Petition published by Edward on Sep 16, 2014
We, the people who have signed this petition, call on Riot Games to keep Talon's Cutthroat Ability the same it was before: "Talon instantly appears behind his target, silencing them for 1 second and amplifying his damage against that target for 3... more
Petition published by Naomi Boddison-Gray on Sep 11, 2014
So if you Would love to see this Video game come to life please SIGN and SHARE this petition!

we are hoping for thousands of signatures to really make a movement!... more
Petition published by Nil on Aug 26, 2014
We, the undersigned, request a canonical appearence of Tumblr user tmcb's character, Magical Girl Luigi, or some variant, in the Super Mario... more