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Petition published by Nicholas Gray on Jan 09, 2014
We, the Undersigned, Call on the Executives at Microsoft to collaborate with Mojang to develop mods for Minecraft: XBOX 360... more
Petition published by Mridang Kejrwail on Jan 03, 2014
We, Dota 2 Players here in India, call on Valve and Steam to support our community with Servers in India.

Playing with 200+ Ping isn't fun.... more
Petition published by Francisco Javier Miranda Corral on Jan 02, 2014
To create a 1.2.5 ModLoader server file for Minecraft in the 1.2.5 version so the people are pleased and... more
Petition published by Zack Brown on Jan 02, 2014
EA and Dice give players the option to default flip this setup which is Zoom L1 and Fire R1 for some veteran players who chose now not to play your game because of this change.... more
Petition published by Meridith Neill on Dec 29, 2013
We the undersigned would really like you to take into consideration changing both the amount of neighbors we can visit and gifts we can receive on a daily basis.... more
Petition published by Abdurrahim Alkadkad on Dec 26, 2013
We, Libyan gamers, request from to :

1. Support our country in "Steam Store".
2. Change the name of our country from "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" to... more
Petition published by Margaret Chadwick on Dec 24, 2013
We, the people who sign this petition, would like facebook to include word challenge as one of their games again as it was an enjoyable... more
Petition published by Devin Smith on Dec 21, 2013
We the fans would like you to please make a Mario hoops 3 on 3 sequel to the 3DS by square-Exix.

The game would be more successful on the... more
Petition published by kingoffow on Dec 21, 2013
Players - cash or non cash alike oppose the new war format for various reasons.

Petition published by Tatsuya Ashi on Dec 19, 2013
Sword Art Online is becoming well-known worldwide. It would be best if the game would be released in English version for the fans to play it in the whole world.... more