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Petition published by Oliver Parkinson on Dec 22, 2014
We believe that EA should introduce the Vanamara Conference (English 5th division) into FIFA 16 with full access to all he teams and their players in career mode and/or ultimate... more
Petition published by Rya Dilly on Dec 19, 2014
Remove Meme Run from the Nintendo eShop just like Flappy Bird got removed from app... more
Petition published by Medievil Fans (Sir Daniel Fortesques on Dec 16, 2014
Please everyone help by signing this petition so we can ask Guerrilla Cambridge and Sony to bring the Medievil Series back for the... more
Petition published by Joseph Farlow II on Dec 09, 2014
We the People of Alabama call on the state of Alabama to act upon this request to provide a lottery.

This lottery would fund the general budget and put money into the... more
Petition published by Ninja squirtle on Dec 08, 2014
We all agree that Nintendo should keep on producing mor of the GameCube controller... more
Petition published by Benjamen on Dec 03, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Target, Australia and other leading retailers to NOT give in to these people.

Put Grand Theft Auto: V Back On The... more
Petition published by Stephen Ogden on Dec 03, 2014
By signing this petition, I want Target Australia Pty Ltd to remove the following items:

- All Tomb Raider video games for all gaming systems - as this is a... more
Petition published by Scottie Berlin on Nov 27, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Playdom Inc. to reconsider they're decision about removing Disney Hidden Worlds from Facebook.

It is unfair to those who do not have mobile devices or tablets, and... more
Petition published by Luke MacDonald on Nov 15, 2014
We the undersigned call on Echo Entertainment to provide the entertainment that its players want, by adding 3 more poker tables and ensuring that there is sufficient, trained staff, to work, to open and close tables during peak visiting... more
Petition published by Martin Hartnup on Nov 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Sony and Playstation to refrain from closing down Playstion... more