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Petition published by Zak Kleinke on Jan 14, 2015
We the undersigned and lovers of College football and NCAA football games and the gaming world need your help to bring this amazing game back to the gaming world.... more
Petition published by Derive Entertainment on Jan 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, would purchase more physical/digital import(s) if the appropriate subtitles and UI translations were... more
Petition published by Josh Akinetos on Jan 02, 2015
We the Guildwars community are calling to action a new PvP mode where two players can face their heroes against one another with fully activated PvE skill sets, along with a new billing system in order to draw in more new... more
Petition published by beezus ghiiist on Jan 02, 2015
We ask that Gumi will consider refraining from releasing any more Arena-style Vortex Events.

Any units to be released through Arena Vortex Events could be... more
We the undersigned join the Concerned Citizens of the Meadowbrook Pointe Merchants Concourse Civic Association and concerned citizens of Westbury, Carle Place, Salisbury and other surrounding areas in voicing our deep concerns regarding the placing of a Video Lottery... more
Petition published by Nicholas on Dec 29, 2014
We, the undersigned, call for EB Games Australia to apologise for the lack of advertisement for the special edition of: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and that every effort should be taken to bring these editions back into stock from the supplier to ensure... more
Petition published by Oliver Parkinson on Dec 22, 2014
We believe that EA should introduce the Vanamara Conference (English 5th division) into FIFA 16 with full access to all he teams and their players in career mode and/or ultimate... more
Petition published by Rya Dilly on Dec 19, 2014
Remove Meme Run from the Nintendo eShop just like Flappy Bird got removed from app... more
Petition published by Medievil Fans (Sir Daniel Fortesques on Dec 16, 2014
Please everyone help by signing this petition so we can ask Guerrilla Cambridge and Sony to bring the Medievil Series back for the... more
Petition published by Joseph Farlow II on Dec 09, 2014
We the People of Alabama call on the state of Alabama to act upon this request to provide a lottery.

This lottery would fund the general budget and put money into the... more