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Petition published by Matthew Rupprecht on Mar 26, 2015
We, the undersigned, request that valve remove the character "Techies" from the game Dota... more
Petition published by Joanne Bohannon on Mar 26, 2015
For players Experiencing problems with Zynga Customer support regarding your Farmville Country Escape games please sign here.... more
Petition published by Roar Emilsen on Mar 24, 2015
We the Halo fans want one of our favorite games out there to be remade for the Xbox One.

Want to help?... more
Petition published by Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling on Feb 26, 2015
For these reasons, we must appeal to our political leaders to halt the expansion of Rhode Island’s partnership with gambling interests by declining to alter any law, or to propose any change in our laws or Constitution, aimed at introducing and expanding casino gambling in... more
Petition published by kelly Field on Feb 19, 2015
Please sign my petition to stop the advertising of gambling sites.

If this issue has effected you or someone you know.... more
Petition published by Soo Hui on Feb 11, 2015
We, the voice of the people, petition the Singapore government:

Anwar Ibrahim, the Leader of the Opposition in Malaysia, a champion... more
Petition published by Dominic Kane on Feb 09, 2015
Sly Cooper is a brilliant video game that has had 4 games so far.

The first 3 games were developed by Sucker Punch Productions and they... more
Petition published by Zak Kleinke on Jan 14, 2015
We the undersigned and lovers of College football and NCAA football games and the gaming world need your help to bring this amazing game back to the gaming world.... more
Petition published by Derive Entertainment on Jan 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, would purchase more physical/digital import(s) if the appropriate subtitles and UI translations were... more
Petition published by Josh Akinetos on Jan 02, 2015
We the Guildwars community are calling to action a new PvP mode where two players can face their heroes against one another with fully activated PvE skill sets, along with a new billing system in order to draw in more new... more