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Petition published by Peter on Feb 05, 2016
The undersigned call to EA GAMES or any other company available to create the new Battle for Middle Earth as we love this game very... more
Petition published by Matthew on Feb 05, 2016
If their is a sale within 30 days of my or anyone's purchase you should return what's owed to them for example you owe me $15.00.... more
Petition published by Samuel Frost on Feb 04, 2016
We, the undersigned, support the idea of allowing members of the community to join together at Harrison High School to not only to have fun, but to raise money for the tippecanoe school corporation and collect food for our local food... more
Petition published by Vancouver Poker Needs Change on Feb 03, 2016
We the undersigned call on the Provincial Government to make changes in the poker industry in BC. We have noted our problems above.

We know that poker tables provide less profit than other table games... more
Petition published by gNetop Developer Discrimination on Feb 01, 2016
We, the signees of this petition, wish for full compensation as that of the UK servers were given.

We wish to not be singled out, and treated differently because we are... more
Petition published by The Foundation To Save DC Universe Online on Jan 31, 2016
By signing this petition, you are asking the developers of DC Universe Online to remove Combat Relevancy and to fix the errors and bugs plaguing this game.... more
Petition published by Colonials on Jan 29, 2016
What I am proposing is that either the game is remade with fair play and the support available to all or it be removed and another company take over who can act according to the constituted implications set out by kixeye and previously casual... more
Petition published by Craig Weekes on Jan 13, 2016
We the undersigned ask R2 that they dismiss Ryuko as a mentor and ban her account through IP, this player is abusing her mentor status by not being fair to any other players and is going around like she owns Server 1 on Mythborne, she is an unfair player who likes to... more
Petition published by Neil Melrose on Jan 08, 2016
We the undersigned call on Camelot to review and change the National Lottery back to its original format of 49 numbers and £1 per... more