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Petition published by Maya on Jul 27, 2015
Please help me in stopping the miiverse update! (Nintendo, these are your Unhappy... more
Petition published by xoxo on Jul 25, 2015
We want developers to publish dates of certain updates and optimalizations and stick with it since we paid for this game and want results. If not we want a full or part refund of the price we... more
Petition published by Blayne Bowman on Jul 21, 2015
We request that valve put team fortress 2 on next gen... more
Petition published by Justin johansen on Jul 19, 2015
We the community of Destiny players whom Bungie claims to listen too ask that instead of nerfing our weapons, they increase damage on other weapons. Namely pulse and auto rifles. A bullet sponge is not a real challenge.... more
Petition published by Jesse Mandeya on Jul 18, 2015
There is League Championship Series in the United States of America, Europe and Asia but no similar competitions in Africa.

Africa is a huge continent that has millions of people playing League... more
Petition published by Miracle draw on Jul 12, 2015
This is to get proto video un-flagged for being inappropriate. When it was... more
Petition published by Anna Jaƛkielewicz on Jul 12, 2015
Haunting Ground was released on PS2, and while it was a very populated console, it never got a chance to shine, mostly due to Resident Evil 4 coming out shortly after.... more
Petition published by Damien Fraley on Jul 09, 2015
We, the residents of Wisconsin, wish to have fiber services available in our area.

We petition for this state to acknowledge our request and for Google... more
Petition published by W M Law on Jul 09, 2015
We, the undersigned, are beseeching the Prime Minister to deny the current and future applications by Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools for their exemption from the Remote Gambling Act through the Ministry of Home Affairs.... more
Petition published by DoomsDayCookie on Jun 27, 2015
We gamers and Digimon-fans alike humbly request for a port of Digimon:Rumble Arena2 to be made available on online... more