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Petition published by Vijay Juttu on Jun 30, 2015
Having said that we have a temporary play area, we, the residents of Pine Mil Ranch have come together and wish to petition for 2 new volleyball courts in the green space area that we are using or any place in our community. This will help the residents coming together... more
Petition published by luis on Jun 28, 2015
We want FIFA to bring Offside Technology to the game of soccer to make sure that when one of the assistant referees calls Offside we want to verify whether it was Offside or not.... more
Petition published by Kevin Jones on Jun 23, 2015
We, the Jacksonville Jaguars Fan group, would like to vote Curtis Dvorak (Jaxson De Ville) to the Pride of the Jaguars.

By signing this petition I state that I believe he should be honored... more
Petition published by Buy The World a Hope on Jun 22, 2015
This is a 'public pitch', an open letter to the CEO of Coca-Cola to quit advertising for a year to protect rainforests.

We need your help share this project so that we can collect... more
Petition published by dave on Jun 09, 2015
Let's sign this petition to show Bt Sport that were not happy with them taking the Champions League and the europa league away from free viewing tv while also charging an extra £5 a month to watch it.... more
Petition published by megan on Jun 04, 2015
Ethan’s school has been in connection through the Special Needs Education Board NI pleading to get him assistance and quick, but unfortunately they are not willing to have Ethan’s case sorted for him by September, and without this assistant he can not go to school... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 03, 2015
We, followers of football world wide, call on FIFA to re-select new members of the organization, and appoint a new, capable and fair chairman, with an entire new committee members, and new vice-presidents.... more
Petition published by andy brown on May 29, 2015
We the undersigned, call on FIFA to remove Sepp Blatter from position/Sepp Blatter to resign from office.

Recent scandals and charges brought against so many FIFA officials... more
Petition published by Nick Boyd on May 28, 2015
We the undersigned call on ALL the Sponsors of FIFA (Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gazprom, Hyundai & Kia Motors, Macdonalds, Visa and Budweiser) to withdraw their sponsorship until such time as:... more
Petition published by d. k. on May 27, 2015
We want Joseph "Sepp" Blatter for FIFA... more