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Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2010
We, the undersigned, believe the UK Film Council to be a useless cultural resource and congratulate Jeremy Hunt upon its department's decision to close... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 05, 2010
Sorry Robert Pattinson... Plz forgive me...?

I'm so sorry that you have no privacy because of all of your obsessed female fans(because I'm one of them).I do love you but I also won't... more
Petition published by brittany on Aug 02, 2010
I f you wish to bring back the beloved show 21 jump street you will sign up and support the cause to make this show come back to tv.There are other people out there who want to see the show that can't because they were not yet born and some people cannot afford... more
Petition published by michelle on Jul 26, 2010
We, the horror fans and movie goers alike, would love to see Palace bring back Westgarth Theatre's 24 hour horror fest.

It was a fun and unique event that happened only at that cinema and... more
Petition published by Charlotte on Jul 22, 2010
We are signing to remake all of the The Lion King films.

Tell the whole... more
Petition published by Pablo on Jul 13, 2010
Pedimos a Miramax films el lanzamiento de esta película única en DVD. La gente que somos coleccionistas sabemos que es muy difícil de conseguir y tras su comercialización en DVD en 1997, la película ha sido descatalogada y actualmente conseguir una copia en... more
Petition published by eldin on Jul 07, 2010
i am starting this petition because the tv show murphy brown has not been released on dvd yet, and i find this extremely unfair for all them people out there who want to see this in stores. if you are not familiar with this tv show then go to your nearest jbhifi or sanity... more
Petition published by Jason on Jul 04, 2010
With the help of Pokemon fans all over the country, we can bring the Pokemon movies back to... more
Petition published by tiffany on Jul 04, 2010
These books would look so good on the screen and in motion. it would suck you in so you cant keep your eyes off the screen for even one second. i loved reading them so i would love watching it and so would every other fan of this... more
Petition published by daemon villamil on Jul 01, 2010
Because of the EPIC FAIL of production by M Night Shyamalan of Avatar: The Last Airbender (Book 1), I urge all to sign on this petition for a quick (and careful) remake of this... more