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Petition published by Catherine Girard Veilleux on Mar 09, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on Mrs. Andrea Plunket, the owner of the American rights to Sherlock Holmes, to give the right to use the theme of homosexuality in the second Sherlock Holmes movie and to not refuse the idea of a second movie for Sherlock Holmes.... more
Petition published by Luke on Feb 22, 2010
We, as fans of both franchise (Friday The 13th and Halloween) want Jason and Michael to have a movie, we want it to be made, we've been wanting it to be made for years.... more
Petition published by Roland Bakai on Feb 19, 2010
Anyone who loves the game and FFX and also wants it to be a movie, please... more
Petition published by cindy vega on Feb 13, 2010
We want more Vampire... more
Petition published by cindy vega on Feb 10, 2010
We all want Ikuto... more
Petition published by tiffany on Feb 05, 2010
Please sign this to bring the Animaniacs back for one more... more
Petition published by yoiko on Jan 31, 2010
Sign The Ranma Petition And Lets Make A... more
Petition published by Daryush Shokof on Jan 30, 2010
Open letter to Mr. Dieter Kosslick

I am happy to present after only five months of production both latest films „Iran Zendan“ (Prison Iran) and „Heavens Taxi“.... more
Petition published by Francesca on Jan 19, 2010
Join me for a petition for this beautiful couple: chloe & oliver...

Friends, collaborators...... more
Petition published by Mike on Jan 12, 2010
Please help by standing up to demand a new X-men franchise with a storyline and actors that follows that of the comic and the 90's cartoon and stay true to such.... more