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Petition published by A Rahman M Arifin on Mar 08, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the MPAA to remove the R-rating on the documentary movie "Bully" so it can be watched and educate all... more
Petition published by Rayla Starwind on Mar 02, 2012
We, the Fans of ReBoot, call on the Rainmaker Studios to make a sequel to My Two Bobs, so we know how it all... more
Petition published by avalon on Mar 01, 2012
Sign this petition if you want a cinema on where u can submit ur fantage youtube videos and whoever gets the most rates in the cinema gets a medal and a sticker!... more
Petition published by Harrison Engstrom on Feb 25, 2012
Dear Drafthouse Films,

We the video game and film loving people, wish to tell you that your film The FP, will be watched repeatedly here in Australia. The film... more
Petition published by Kate Quaile on Feb 19, 2012
We would like to have a spirited away part 2 movie.

Come on Sir Miyazaki, you can do... more
Petition published by david on Feb 12, 2012
We the undersigned hereby affirmed we want a new Star Trek series for... more
Petition published by Fondation Liban Cinema on Jan 24, 2012
We, Fondation Liban Cinéma, condemn the censorship of the film ‘’Beirut Hotel’’ by the Lebanese filmmaker Danielle Arbid and ask for this decision to be set aside.... more
Petition published by Caleb Smith on Jan 13, 2012
We must have a Rosario Vampire... more
Petition published by thomas robertson on Dec 29, 2011
The film finished as if there was going to be a second. it is 1 part of 4 so part 2 should be made.

I would happily act in it for free but i just want them to make it.... more
Petition published by Lisa on Dec 20, 2011
X-File fans all know that we all NEED another movie in 2012. We sign this petition with integrity and determination that there will be another.... more