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Petition published by Alexander DeLorey on Oct 26, 2014
We want a Sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Johnny... more
Petition published by Jake Long on Oct 18, 2014
Everyone please help us out this would be... more
Petition published by Alinna Marie on Sep 26, 2014
I am looking for people to sign to get this show looked at by CW NETWORK and all others. I think that they will like the show and i also think that many people will like it as well.... more
Petition published by sam prucha on Sep 24, 2014
I want Michael Abeyta, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Prince William of England to suport the making of a Cars 3... more
Petition published by Christian Frates on Aug 30, 2014
Please make the My Life As A Teenage Robot film trilogy be a... more
Petition published by Leatherplace on Aug 18, 2014
We call the attention of Millennium Films to take advantage of this opportunity to reclaim those lost fans who have slipped through the cracks due to terrible... more
Petition published by Leatherplace on Aug 17, 2014
We call the attention of Scream Factory to consider a blu ray release of Leatherface (TCM... more
Petition published by John Sayer on Aug 15, 2014
Following the sad loss of Robin Williams this week, we the undersigned would respectively ask the Committee who operate the annual Oscars to consider a new category specifically to celebrate the work of Robin.... more
Petition published by Phim Nhật @fb on Jul 30, 2014
Mỗi chữ ký của các bạn sẽ là sự góp sức quí báu, nguồn động viên, động lực để chiến dịch có thể từng bước đi đến thành công. Nếu chiến dịch thành công rực rỡ, đây có thể là bộ phim tiên phong mở... more
Petition published by Rose Tyler on Jul 20, 2014
We, the Percy Jackson Fans, call on 20th Century Fox to,

A) announce a sequel, or... more