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Petition published by Lumen on May 01, 2008
With the current Human Rights scenario in China and Tibet and the countless arrests and killings being committed by the regime in "preparation" for the Olympics, we cannot, with a good conscience, support the Olympics happening there. We declare that we are... more
Petition published by Cornelia on Apr 26, 2008
We call on the United States Government to have equal rights for all people and to serve justice when it needs to be served regardless of race and personal... more
Petition published by francis o neal on Apr 17, 2008
To the Offices Minister for Justice,

We at the Political Status Ireland are gravely concerned about the health and well being of Noel Maguire, who is an Irish citizen.... more
Petition published by Holly on Apr 11, 2008
1.) I am signing this petition to Oppose Cricket Communications to build 3 Cellular Antennas at Amazon Bikes. I also feel that applicant has NOT exhausted all other areas.... more
Petition published by Holly on Apr 07, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on City Council Members to uphold qualifty of life, property values, neighborhood integrity, health concerns surrounding environmental impact concerns.... more
Petition published by Renee' on Apr 07, 2008
This is an elderly couple (late 50s and 60s) who did the wrong thing by selling their own medications to buy food and pay bills. They have been encarerated since January 2006 and have a host of medical problems. Including COPD, Emphysema, High Blood Pressure, Heart... more
Petition published by Kat on Apr 03, 2008
Please sign this petition to bring back Kidz Club at connect Fitness....... more
Petition published by Mattie Lennon on Apr 01, 2008
Two historis Gaelic games will be played in Gaelic Park, New York on the 17th and 19th October 2008 and I beleive all Irish/Americans should know about it.... more
Petition published by Dee Galvan on Mar 31, 2008
jerfunk come... more
Petition published by ANTI CHANGE CAMPAIGN on Mar 25, 2008
We, The Undersigned, petition AGAINST the proposed changes to SBC state schools on the grounds stated on the website... more