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Petition published by Nicole on Mar 18, 2009
We the friends, family, townspeople, would like to change the name of the Rockwell Skate Park to Henry P. Waye Jr. Skate... more
Petition published by Tamnika on Mar 11, 2009
"We, the undersigned, call on the Tennessee State Legislative to Stop the enforcement of child support on parents who the child no longer wish to live. Due to the child wanting their way with the opposite parent.... more
Petition published by Amanda on Mar 10, 2009
Do you love bratz? Well all the kids who love bratz dolls are gonna be heartbroken because mattel[barbie] is sueing Mga[bratz] mattel thinks that mga are copying barbie.But whats true is that barbie is copying bratz.Have you seen the mycene dolls they have same clothing... more
Petition published by Kasia on Feb 26, 2009
The Jonas Brothers and Tyra Banks are all highly successful individuals. The opportunity for the Jonas Brothers to visit the set of Tyra Banks and to film with her would be an amazing moment television history.... more
Petition published by Alan on Feb 24, 2009
The reason of this petition is to get enough public reaction locally and internationally against an on going and growing problem is South Africa, where the black taxis are everyday becoming more an more lawless and murdering people at will with their vehicles with no,... more
Petition published by Klamprell on Feb 24, 2009
We demand that governments worldwide set up an immediate Education Programme to warn ALL children about Abuse. Let them all understand Abuse is wrong and it is OK to speak out.... more
Petition published by Grc on Feb 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on The State of Maryland to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana. We believe it is our right as free U.S. citizens to have the choice weather to or not use and/or posses marijuana, we also believe with the decriminalization of the... more
Petition published by Andy on Feb 20, 2009
Steun mij in mijn strijd tegen dit onrecht. Help mij dit fundamenteel mensenrecht af te dwingen en onze politici te dwingen de Belgische wet aan 't... more
Petition published by Jasim on Feb 13, 2009
Please support the campaign to release Delshad Zorab and grant him asylum by;

*Signing this online petition.... more
Petition published by Kayenath on Feb 11, 2009
We, the undersigned ask you to sign is you believe in Justice for all. To help innocent Americans stuck in Pakistan. This could and can happen to anyone. Help these people and help your country. This should have never happened - Act... more