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Petition published by laurence on Dec 20, 2014
Despite the fact that the reasons for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were fabricated and the following genocide committed by our governments were horrible crimes this petition is about crimes against humanity as a whole resulting from the use and continued use... more
Petition published by Susan Honaker on Dec 15, 2014
Free Bentley from the Moore Animal Shelter. He was locked up in doggie jail on someones word, not on proof or evidence of wrong actions.... more
Petition published by on Dec 13, 2014
We respectfully ask Lord David Kennedy and the local community councils to cease their support for the proposed wind farm project, overlooking not just one, but three of Scotland's greatest national assets. We think you are being deceived about the likely visual... more
Petition published by Drew Ferguson on Dec 12, 2014
It is our responsibility, as the most technologically advanced society, to protect and preserve these fascinating and advantageous ecosystems.... more
Petition published by Jeanette Fletcher on Dec 12, 2014
We, the unsigned, call on Liverpool city council and Liverpool education department to stop and reconsider the proposed extension of Dovedale infants and primary school to facilitate the proposed increase in the number of pupils by... more
Petition published by DeBra Moncrieff on Dec 07, 2014
We parents want our children to be supported in regards to repeat bullying offences. Bullies need to be registered for Councelling before re - entering the School System.... more
Petition published by Stephen Little on Dec 05, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Norfolk County Council to give their full support to Hewett School, and do all in their power to secure its future and success as a Local Authority... more
Petition published by Pat File on Dec 04, 2014
Petition to the House of Commons, House of Commons in Parliament assembled, Government of Canada

We the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada... more
Petition published by RU Fitness Center on Dec 03, 2014
Change the rules and regulations that are only enforced for the New Fitness Center. Student tuition aids faculty and administration salaries. Student tuition aids in funding for renovations and upkeep of the university. Hence the students should be consulted on dress... more
Petition published by The Richard Stockton College Neuroscience Club on Dec 02, 2014
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who call on the leaders of Galloway Township to protect and preserve the public health and welfare by enacting a law that requires cyclists and users of non-bicycle wheeled vehicles to wear protective headgear at all... more