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Petition published by Don Love on Mar 29, 2008

To: All Seminole County Lawmakers, Representatives and Concerned Investigative Agencies overseeing the activities of elected and... more
Petition published by Dr.Mahesh Yadav on Mar 29, 2008

Honorable Mr.Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General... more
Petition published by Glory Thai on Mar 27, 2008
We the Homo sapiens of our mother planet Earth are concerned about the future of our precious rainforests that are under threat because of us and our chainsaws. As we volunteer to make a difference, we are caring about our future children AND the animals rainforests... more
Petition published by Adira Riben on Mar 25, 2008
We the undersigned are asking our representatives in the Senate and the House to please support legislation to fund the restoration of America’s wetlands such as the Gulf Coast Protection Act, the America’s Outdoors Act introduced by Senator Mary... more
Petition published by Friends of Pittock on Mar 25, 2008
WE the undersigned urge the Board members of the UTRCA to:

Listen to the overwhelming majority of the citizens of Woodstock and surrounding areas. Please protect the integrity of the only... more
Petition published by Dole Office on Mar 25, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the JobCentre Plus Management and their governing bodies to radically reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of pointless paperwork and red-tape forms they send out, on paper, and call upon them to send this information in a... more
Petition published by Glory Thai on Mar 24, 2008
We, the Homo sapiens responsible for littering Mother Nature's grounds, promise to do everything possible to limit our trash.

We will turn this dirty, global warming effected planet into a clean,... more
Petition published by Nora Preston on Mar 24, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Government of the Australian Capital Territory and Prime Minister of Australia to ensure that their cruel, violent, and unnecessary massacre, and undignified treatment of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, on the BNTS Site, will (1)... more
Petition published by Robert Quinn on Mar 23, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the government of the City of Boston to increase the number of public recycling receptacles within the city, as a means of promoting recycling to obtain a healthier living... more
Petition published by Nikki Sutterby on Mar 23, 2008

We, the undersigned, as residents of Canberra, request that the ACT... more