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Petition published by Simon Jepps on Aug 16, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on all countries around the world to ban and remove internet porn sites, or at least those that are free, from the world wide... more
Petition published by Healing World Network on Aug 15, 2010
GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD Pleae take NOTICE of our plea to gain an official ONE DAY PUBLIC HOLLIDAY to complement World Peace Day which is widely accepted to be the 21st Sept each year... more
Petition published by Simon MacReynoldson on Aug 15, 2010
Please can there be a Government Inquiry into leaf-blowing machines with a view to banning them? There is significant evidence they damage the environment and are harmful to wildlife and people.... more
Petition published by Deema Dabis on Aug 14, 2010
A lot of people in UK are environmentally friendly, and we will do as much as we can to help it.

The majority of people use cars, which is unfriendly to the... more
Petition published by Patriciam on Aug 13, 2010
We the undersigned request that the proposed Westar Development not be approved due fact that it will compromise our community resources, restrict our views, overflow the already impacted traffic at Storke and Hollister intersections, and risk public... more
Petition published by Trina Forbes on Aug 13, 2010
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our elected members of Parliament to act now to allow more time to answer the Bio security report which states that the imported ornamental fish have been declared a disease threat to Australia and to continue... more
Petition published by steveo1emmy on Aug 12, 2010
To ban fur imports from china to help make china come up with some animal... more
Petition published by Amy Shields on Aug 11, 2010
We, the undersigned commit to boycott Nova Scotia, refusing to travel to that Canadian province, on the principal of not supporting any location that would support or tolerate a barbaric slaughter of an intelligent species, made all the worse by the fact that the animal... more
Petition published by Ameerah on Aug 11, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on housing/HUD to repair the intercom in building 21 on 1237 Stanley avenue brooklyn, NY 11208 if possible before September rolls... more
Petition published by erin on Aug 10, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the NWLSD to provide equal opportunities to both first grades at Northwestern and Weisenberg Elementary.... more