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Petition published by Ting on Sep 30, 2012
We the undersigned, want one or more Jean Gean songs featured on 'Kick Ass 2: Music from the motion picture.'... more
Petition published by QontFidelito on Sep 29, 2012
Following publication of a cartoon entitled “The Blindfolded Men,” Sharq Newspaper was banned on September 26.... more
Petition published by ryan on Sep 28, 2012
Sekirei season 2 aired in 2010 it already 2015 and still no word about a season 3 so i made this petition to get signatures and to show that there are tons of people out there waiting for a season 3 so... more
Petition published by Brandon Howk on Sep 27, 2012
When it comes to cyberbullying, bullies are often motivated by anger, revenge or frustration. Sometimes they do it for entertainment or because they are bored and have nothing else to do.... more
I support a Minimum of THREE Weeks Annual Residency to New York City Ballet at SPAC and support a RENEWED COMMITMENT to SPAC Mission to promote Classical Programming in Saratoga Springs.... more
Petition published by Paul Kamish on Sep 25, 2012
Walker Art Request Form: I am signing this request in support of Paul Kamish's sculpture, "Lunch at the Local", a.k.a. "Paul's Big Red Ball" I would love to see this sculpture added to the permanent art... more
Petition published by UKISSBR on Sep 24, 2012
ENGLISH: As you read this petition you agree to be signing a document that will be sent to the NH Entertainment with the aim of: Bringing a group U-KISS to Brazil) In a Pocket Show b) fanmeeting C) Show or... more
Petition published by Shawn Reid on Sep 23, 2012
The NFL and NFLRA needs to come to a settlement before the playing of scheduled NFL week 4 games be it by agreement, mediation, or binding arbitration so that the officials are calling games by week 5 or... more
Petition published by Larissa Lupa on Sep 21, 2012
We, the fans, call on the many Academies of Television Arts to present and honor Lorne Michaels with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to television and the discovery of many well-known... more
Petition published by Patricia Creighton on Sep 20, 2012
We the undersigned call on HRM to increase funding to Symphony Nova Scotia on an annual... more