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Petition published by ANTIGAMELOFT on Apr 15, 2013
I sign this petition by gameloft players who want to check and repair problems with the game and recover the losses of players.... more
Petition published by Holly Foord on Apr 14, 2013
We, the undersigned fans and lovelies, call on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Inc. to recognize the immense contributions Cher has made to the music and entertainment industry by inducting her... more
Petition published by Lesley Grahame on Apr 12, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on Norwich City Council to use its powers to regulate Sexual Entertainment Venues, and not to grant any new licenses for SEVs until such regulations are in... more
Petition published by Lou Brooks on Apr 12, 2013
We want Pushing Daisies... more
Petition published by MarPre on Apr 12, 2013
Please sign to bring Desperate Housewives for season... more
Petition published by bendigo lets get the carnival back to the main street on Apr 09, 2013
This pettition is to help get the carnival back to the main street.... more
Petition published by Pedro on Apr 09, 2013
We want Nine Inch Nails 2013 tour in Brazil.... more
Petition published by John Shorey on Apr 08, 2013
We the people of the United States call on the School Boards across the United States to stop cutting money from their schools' music programs and laying off professionals in the field of music to save... more
Petition published by XanderBar on Mar 27, 2013
We the people are in favor of supporting Tolios Andrew, Inc. also known as Samy's and now Xander Bar & Grill and their efforts to create jobs in Joliet.... more
Petition published by Floyd Moules Baker on Mar 26, 2013
We the undersigned suggest that the bassist Paul Hinojos should soundtrack the next Final Fantasy... more