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Petition published by Wissam on May 29, 2012
Sign the Lebanese flag of "Humour Therapy", The stand up comedy tour of Lebanon of Wissam Kamal "The Doctor"- Lebanese Stand up comedian, to show support for the tour and for Wissam as he spreads the... more
Petition published by Shaun Beehag on May 29, 2012
We, the undersigned, wish to see our beloved Masaaki Sakai in person at Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2012 in Brisbane.... more
Petition published by Marco on May 28, 2012
1. After 7pm Monday to Friday, 1pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday and Public Holidays, Valletta and its parking bays are open to all.... more
Petition published by Anni Buse on May 27, 2012
- Tell Toyota Canada on Facebook, email or phone that you don't approve of this promotion. Promoting their product along side the killing and maiming of animals is not... more
Petition published by Rick on May 26, 2012
I am asking the Raleigh Street neighborhood to come together to support our reunion. It will be fun for the whole family.... more
Petition published by Usagi on May 25, 2012
Many countries and regions other than the US have Hello Kitty magazines and we feel that the US could use one, especially in this time of emotional grief.... more
Petition published by Karen Smoczynski on May 25, 2012
Please sign this petition to keep the Wilmington Drive-In open in Wilmington,Ohio. Chakeres Theater Inc. please do not Close our Wilmington Drive-In!... more
Petition published by Student on May 25, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education to keep Bull Alleys Theatre training performance course to its full four... more
Petition published by eliz on May 24, 2012
Well we all know gokusen and the 3d but even tough yankumi is always looking for love she is still single but she have sawada and finally in the manga she accept his feelings...... more
Petition published by Saxifrage Cucvara on May 23, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the executives at Sony and NBC to reinstate Dan Harmon as the showrunner, head writer and producer of Community and to let the Greendale 7 graduate in a manner as... more