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Petition published by Nathan Histed on Jan 28, 2004
The new TLC album was scheduled to be released February 3, 2004 but has been removed from the lists at many record stores, and most of the website's (i.e. Amazon, CDNOW, etc.) I, as a TLC fan would like... more
Petition published by Gazman on Jan 26, 2004
I implore my fellow
Canadians to join the
celebration revolution and... more
Petition published by Jennifer Brito on Jan 25, 2004
Love to see Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan on Saturday Night Live? Sign away my... more
Petition published by Veronica Fedele on Jan 24, 2004
Una firma per promuovere la realizzazione del nuovo album di Mark Owen "In your own time" in... more
Petition published by Ginny Adrada on Jan 22, 2004
Firmar aqui para que venga Mark Owen a España con su nuevo disco. Parece ser que le estan dando muchas vueltas cuando hay muchos fans de Mark esperando su vuelta.... more
Petition published by Jessica on Jan 21, 2004
Si vous voulez que le nouvel album de Mark Owen 'in your own time' sorte en France, Belgique et Suisse, signez cette... more
Petition published by Megan on Jan 17, 2004
Please sign this petition to get Dominic Mohnagan and Billy Boyd on Saturday Night Live. They are abslutly hilarious anyway, just think how funny they would be on... more
Petition published by Matthew Hinton on Jan 17, 2004
Please sign to show "Weird Al" Yankovic how much his fans want to see a new music video from his latest album.... more
Petition published by LHU Gaming Community on Jan 15, 2004
The Undersigned would like to be able to play online games at the lock haven university campus with a respectable ping and not have the UDP packets throttled by the "packeteer" in such a manner that lag and... more
Petition published by dick on Jan 14, 2004
We the undersigned urge those involved with the film "The Lord of the Rings" to not destory the book "The Hobbit" in the same fashion they had done with their previous... more