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Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 27, 2003
I would love for Radiohead to play a gig in Perth as part of their Australian 2004... more
Petition published by Ayesha Ahmed on Oct 26, 2003
Sign for American programmes on Good Charlotte in Britain... more
Petition published by R@ven on Oct 24, 2003
We, the users of YAHOO CHAT, have been bombarded with graphic and nasty porn ads running in regular chat rooms by bots and it has gone on long enough. The people listed here have petitioned that YAHOO... more
Petition published by Laura on Oct 22, 2003
BMG and 19 management have recently announced Gareth Gates tour dates. The problem is that they only announced 6 dates and none of these are in Ireland or Wales. We would like to see dates added to both of... more
Petition published by Alryssa Kelly on Oct 22, 2003
We, the undersigned, declare our desire to see Ruse brought back from cancellation before its time. We believe there is much more to tell than can be done justice in these last few issues. Please,... more
Petition published by Sebastian on Oct 22, 2003
I, the undersigned, place my legal name on this petition directed to Universal Music/Island Records UK/Metamorphisis Management, or all those in direct relation to the group, Sugababes. I am signing this... more
Petition published by Iqqie on Oct 21, 2003
Do you want Sugarcult back in Holland? Then sign the... more
Petition published by donna on Oct 20, 2003
Sign this petition if you think bek deserves a record... more
Petition published by Dee on Oct 19, 2003
Bring back Fat Pizza. Sign this petition so SBS know how much we all love the Fat Pizza crew and how much we want em... more
Petition published by Dustin on Oct 19, 2003
Would you like to see Jesse McCartney appear around Idaho and Montana and Seattle, Washington? Did you see him with Dream Street and now want to check out his new solo act? Here's your chance. Let's try to... more