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Petition published by Scott on Aug 15, 2003
We, the undersigned fans of the band Circle Jerks, ask that they seriosuly consider the idea of coming to Australia and doing a national tour. These signatures are an example of the amount of... more
Petition published by Sonia Carter on Aug 15, 2003
The Petition of Resident of NSW:

This petition brings to the attention of the House that the increase... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 14, 2003
"Sweet Valley High" was a fantastic show that was cancelled too early. After a brief run on UPN and Fox Family, it does not air anymore. Please sign this petition and help re-air all 88 episodes from the... more
Petition published by Dustin on Aug 12, 2003
Would you like to see Jesse McCartney appear around Idaho and Montana and Seattle, Washington. Did you see him with Dream Street and now want to check out his new solo act? Here's your chance. Lets try to... more
Petition published by s_t_a_r_g_i_r_l_ on Aug 11, 2003
We the undersigned of various regions of the Help Chat (now the Help Board) among other Chat's would like the old chat boards back. The new board's have only brought in more beggars, spammers, scammers,... more
Petition published by Ross Millar on Aug 09, 2003
We, the undersigned, want Popular season 3!... more
Petition published by Quintin on Aug 08, 2003
The people of Columbia and Greene county would like Mid Hudson cablevision to provide it customers with the Black Entertainment Televsion Channel. We believe that this network expresses the... more
Petition published by Justin Adkins on Aug 06, 2003
Please if you are a big nightmare fan you will sign this petition and make wes and Bob put all their past behind them and give the fans what they... more
Petition published by kaka on Aug 06, 2003
Please sign this petition so us fans can meet other fans, make friends, and have fun at a theme park or summer schools (the summer schools can be spread out across the USA)! To show our love to harry... more
Petition published by Gordon Pickard on Aug 06, 2003
Sign to Help remove the license u must buy to broadcast on the... more