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Petition published by Alison Ward on Jul 18, 2003
Sign this if you want Benji and Joel to stay the Host of All Things... more
Petition published by Disguised Dervla on Jul 16, 2003
I agree that Hugh Miller should be commissioned to write a third book, based on the third series of... more
Petition published by Whitney on Jul 14, 2003
I, along with the Australian Michelle Branch fans, wish for there to be more preformances whilst Michelle is in Australia and for them to cover more capital cites and ALL AGES not just... more
Petition published by Chris on Jul 13, 2003
I sign this petition as a sign that I want Lisa back into the Big Brother 4 UK... more
Petition published by Joey Mangini on Jul 12, 2003
We the undersigned want MGM to release the timeless classic, The Asphalt Jungle on... more
Petition published by dreug on Jul 12, 2003
Début juillet est marqué par l'arrivée en France et en Europe des magic cartes de Wizard : Pokemon Aquapolis et Expedition.... more
Petition published by HeadHunter on Jul 09, 2003
If you want to show GSC Game World that you're interested in creating mods etc. and want them to release mod-tools, then sign here.... more
Petition published by Jenia on Jul 07, 2003
We say, Summoner 2 should get to the... more
Petition published by Justin Adkins on Jul 06, 2003
We want TBS to contunie to run the popular TV sitcom so a new generation of kids can smile, and cry at the same things that we did when we were kids and also find out where marykate and ashley olyson... more
Petition published by harryaldridge on Jul 02, 2003
The BBC should sack John Humphrys because he is rude and oppinionated in his... more