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Petition published by Crooked Yoshi on Mar 01, 2004
This petition states that Nintendo should remove the project... more
Petition published by Renato on Feb 29, 2004
It has been said that the new tour will travel around the world. But Brazil is not on the tour list (yet!). All brazilians fans want her to be here, making one of the things that she is the best in:... more
Petition published by Briana on Feb 28, 2004
For many years, greyhounds all over the Untited states have been inhumanly bred and raced for entertainment. Though many states have already outlawed this horrific sport, it is still legal in 15... more
Petition published by Jeremiah Lee on Feb 26, 2004
I believe that RIFTS needs to be made into a MMORPG. If made correctly and by the right company, it will be one of the best and biggest MMORPGs out there.... more
Petition published by Frances on Feb 24, 2004
We the undersigned petition that Australian Idol & Chugg Entertainment include Tasmania as a concert venue in this Australian Idol tour... more
Petition published by Marlon Van der Linde on Feb 22, 2004
To all Trendy Organisations, MTV, and Radio Stations, Please Stop Calling NuMetal Metal. We the undersigned prefer our roots... more
Petition published by Matt on Feb 21, 2004
Bring Back the great shows of the old... more
Petition published by samantha stocks on Feb 21, 2004
Save Tremors the series. The only good show on... more
Petition published by Chris Kasior on Feb 20, 2004
This is a petition for anyone who would like to see more music and less reality shows on... more
Petition published by Rachel Rendell on Feb 20, 2004
We, the undersigned, would like to inform the BBC (British Broadcasting Community), that the Freeview, that allows a person with Digital TV or a special box to access over 30 free channels, is... more