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Petition published by goatherder on Aug 31, 2003
I do solemnly swear that I wish The Smiths would reunite and go on at least 1 more... more
Petition published by Ashley Adocx on Aug 31, 2003
I am signing this, in support of the re-release of Down Under The Big... more
Petition published by cris on Aug 31, 2003
Sign please. Lets get the family back on the air cuz it is a good... more
Petition published by Sadaf on Aug 30, 2003
Sony, was once the number one channel but soon dropped the number one spot as Star Plus and Zee came into competition. Shows started re-running no matter how many times the viewers had seen them. Shows... more
Petition published by brooke ciera on Aug 30, 2003
Petition published by Peter Griffin on Aug 29, 2003
Fox, please make more new episodes of the now hit-seris Family Guy. If given the chance, it can be as great as the Simpsons. Just like the Simpsons, it can be seen on two levels. Just a few test new... more
Petition published by Erica K on Aug 29, 2003
This petition is to ask the WB to put season 1 of Popstars onto DVD. Get Popstars on... more
Petition published by stephanie ....... on Aug 28, 2003
Petition published by Kaitlyn Hoff on Aug 27, 2003
Even though Clayton Holmes Aiken didnt win AI2, he deserved to. This petition shows that Clay Aiken will Show that Clay Aiken will always be our American Idol no matter what, and he is the most talented... more
Petition published by jarrad on Aug 27, 2003