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Petition published by Max Snow on Dec 08, 2003
We the undersigned request the producers and directors of "The Lord of the Rings" to continue their excellent work and film the begining of the story "The Hobbit". The story by JRR Tolkien is not complete... more
Petition published by Erin Smith on Dec 06, 2003
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provides opportunities for individuals with autism and other physical and mental disabilities to participate in programs that are typically only available to those without... more
Petition published by SpeedBreaker14 on Dec 06, 2003
If you love Justice League and would like to see a live action movie of it then sign here. Sign this petition to help get the LIVE action Justice League movie to movie theaters near... more
Petition published by anna on Dec 01, 2003
We would like you to support us in our quest to make Elijah Blue an actual color. Please sign this petition if you would like to be able to go out and buy something the color of Elijah Wood's eyes to enjoy... more
Petition published by Liz Madden on Nov 28, 2003
Good Charlotte are not posers. If you agree,... more
Petition published by Wolf on Nov 28, 2003
I agree that Zero Day directed, produced and written by Ben Coccio should be banned from... more
Petition published by Michael on Nov 28, 2003
If you want 92.9 Management to bring back Orion to the 92.9 Hot 30 Countdown, sign this... more
Petition published by Dan on Nov 25, 2003
By signing this petition you agree that Jr. Digs should recieve a netwrok... more
Petition published by Rinuial on Nov 25, 2003
We, the undersigned fans of the Harry Potter series would like to petition to Warner Bros. Entertainment Group to consider actor John Christopher Depp II A.K.A. Johnny Depp to play in the role of Harry... more
Petition published by felina on Nov 21, 2003
We say, Help Rupert to keep his torch... more