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Petition published by dick on Jan 14, 2004
We the undersigned urge those involved with the film "The Lord of the Rings" to not destory the book "The Hobbit" in the same fashion they had done with their previous... more
Petition published by Brian on Jan 13, 2004
We, the undersigned, support the cause of bringing all seasons of Rocko's Modern Life to... more
Petition published by gamer on Jan 10, 2004
Please sign my petition and help me rid the world if this filth. Remember every LOTR movie you can stop is a live saved. Tell everyone you know to not see this crappy movie... Remember god kills... more
Petition published by Jennifer on Jan 07, 2004
I think we should try make a scream 4...Please sign it if u want a scream... more
Petition published by Chaise on Dec 31, 2003
I hereby sign this petition to request that TV ONE be put on in the Los Angeles area. I want more entertainment in my... more
Petition published by M B on Dec 31, 2003
We, the undersigned, are sad about The Return of the King being the last part of the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy, and therefore we request a sequel movie about the 4th Era of Middle Earth. J.R.R.... more
Petition published by Erika R. on Dec 30, 2003
By signing this petition, you, the viewer and/or cartoon lover, will be voicing your opinion to the people at Noggin about keeping the show "Daria" on the air and NOT replace her with a show that can... more
Petition published by BJ on Dec 30, 2003
Je veux le retour des Backstreet Boys ! I want them back... more
Petition published by jeff on Dec 28, 2003
Please put So Weird back on and make it earlier than it was. Make it so kids can watch it. All of my friends love that... more
Petition published by SARA on Dec 26, 2003
Please sign this so that the best pop band of our generation FINALLY gets the recognition they deserve for creating classic pop tunes that crossed boundaries and opened the door for pop music as we know... more