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Petition published by Trish on Jul 15, 2004
Please sign this petition to have Caesar's Palace add a 3rd Clay Aiken show for all of the many people who did not have a chance to get tickets because they sold out so... more
Petition published by Derek Garcia on Jul 13, 2004
We, the undersigned fans of Invader Zim, would like to see Invader Zim recieve air-time on Cartoon Network for our continued viewing entertainment. Additionally, Cartoon Network, in coorperation with... more
Petition published by Kaigeta on Jul 11, 2004
BANNIN Cukomb because of... more
Petition published by Karma E. Omowale on Jul 07, 2004
The Rock/Metal fan does not have an available outlet that shows videos 24/7. We, the under-signed, are rallying together as ONE unified voice to not only get MTV-X back, but maybe we have the powers that... more
Petition published by Mr. I Like Fudge on Jul 05, 2004
We, the undersigned, would like all little kids networks to stop airing shows that have characters, or creators under the influence of... more
Petition published by Mr. I Like Fudge on Jun 23, 2004
We would like nick to do the following.

1. Save Spongebob... more
Petition published by Nikki on Jun 23, 2004
"Touching Evil" was one of the best dramas on the air. The dialogue was fresh, exciting and sharp. The art direction was marvelous, as was the musical score. Jeffrey Donovan, Vera Farmiga and the rest of... more
Petition published by Neal DAniel on Jun 22, 2004
The RIAA wants us to stop downloading mp3s. By sueing us, they are making us pay from money we need to buy food and to live, and you might even have to pay out from your life savings! The RIAA should... more
Petition published by Simon Watts on Jun 19, 2004
Dear (UK) TNA Wrestling Fans,

As you will all know, one of the leading wrestling companys/industrys... more
Petition published by Mr. I Like Fudge on Jun 19, 2004
We would like Nick to replace their usual pop/rap crud on the Spongebob Soundtrack with good rock/comedy music. This would benefit the Soundtrack and fit the nature of the show... more