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Petition published by Kimberley on Feb 10, 2004
This is a petition to keep Gareth Official Fanclub open! It is the best fanclub in the world and not only do we get to speak to the man himself but we get exclusive extras which mean a lot to us Gaz-ets!... more
Petition published by Amy Garippo on Feb 10, 2004
Support the friendship of Sonny Corinthos and Luke... more
Petition published by Olivia on Feb 10, 2004
Aqui recogemos firmas para que traigan a Hidell de promocion a España, si eres fan de Hidell o de The Moffatts, no esperes mas y firma, y si no lo eres, tampoco cuesta tanto rellenar este... more
Petition published by Al Sharpton on Feb 09, 2004
This petition is to take MTV off the air, and replace it with something... more
Petition published by Sonic Hate on Feb 08, 2004
Join in the fight to remove HTS from the... more
Petition published by melissa jennette on Feb 05, 2004
Bring murder she wrote to... more
Petition published by melissa jennette on Feb 05, 2004
Bring "Murder, She Wrote" episodes to... more
Petition published by Roisin Dhu on Feb 05, 2004
Westlife Fans of Canada would like to petition BMG Canada to release the following videos by Westlife to YTV Hitlist, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, and MTV Canada.... more
Petition published by Ashley Benham on Feb 04, 2004
Save... more
Petition published by Andie Dyer on Feb 04, 2004
Ever since the original girl power band split I think it would be real girl power if they all reunited. Since Bernadette starred in Brookie and The Bill, Colleen on Fat Club and breaking up witb Shane... more