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Petition published by Sociedad Argentina de Locutores on Jul 17, 2008
Los profesionales de la locución hacemos un llamado a los legisladores por el debate de la nueva Ley de Radiodifusión. Es necesario que los locutores contemos con una norma que contemple el... more
Petition published by Hannah & Angenica on Jul 16, 2008
Hey guys!

ok so we are trying to get this petition signed to by any chance get... more
Petition published by Kasey on Jul 15, 2008
Push play is still a small band and i want them to come to st louis so plaese help by signing my... more
Petition published by melissa on Jul 14, 2008
The jonas brothers have been to richmond before and need to come to richmond for there burnin up tour because they have thousands of fans... more
Petition published by Jess Jessop on Jul 13, 2008
We the people of Santa Barbara call upon our city government to recognize this issue and the danger it poses to the highly valued Artist and Crafts people of the community.... more
Petition published by Sehar on Jul 12, 2008
We want to see divya in her old hairstyle. The one she had when she entered as divya. We don't want to see her in vidya's hairstyle again. WE WANT HER MODERN HAIRSTYLE... more
Petition published by Lynn on Jul 11, 2008
Can you please sign this petition to get Push Play to Staten Island new... more
Petition published by Sehar on Jul 11, 2008
We request dulhan ppl to change divya's hairstlye. We want to see her hair... more
Petition published by Holly Martin on Jul 10, 2008
Please Sign only from hallmead we really need the support as we hope to have an upper school production as well as bugsy... more
Petition published by Leanne on Jul 10, 2008
I've set this up in order to ask Blizzard Entertainment Europe to consider making an over 18 server, for us older players with a mature attitude to the game.... more