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Petition published by adam smyer on Mar 25, 2009
We who sign this petition are asking DC, Warner Brothers, and Legendary Pictures to produce Neil Gaiman's comic series "Sandman" as a motion comic as they have done "Watchmen," but with a full cast... more
Petition published by Nicholas Birch on Mar 25, 2009
In light of the wonderful example Jade Goody set Britain's young people and for her tireless work in raising awareness of cervical cancer we petition Gordon Brown to erect a statue of Jade in... more
Petition published by Chad McDonald on Mar 24, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask Metallica to make one tour stop in... more
Petition published by April D Gutierrez on Mar 24, 2009
We the undersigned, call on the editors at Cosmopolitan Magazine to add "Malicious Truth" by April Gutierrez to their "Must-Reads for Every Cosmo Girl".... more
Petition published by james fink on Mar 24, 2009
I'm here to say:
make new thundercat episodes or just rerun old ones just please bring it back and if i can help it we can go to rankin/bass productions... more
Petition published by Frank Miranda on Mar 24, 2009
We, the undersigned, request for the immediate reinstatement of Mr. D’Andre Siggers account and broadcast channel to its fullest capacity and to provide a much preferred act of... more
Petition published by Toni09 on Mar 22, 2009
Dear Fellow friends and fans of JOHN LENNON As you know John was mercilessly murdered outside his home at the Dakota Apartments on West 72nd Street.... more
Petition published by Kyle on Mar 20, 2009
In order to take part in this petition just sign.

You can supply your youtube account name or name to remove this... more
Petition published by David Cox on Mar 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask Robert Greenblatt, entertainment president of the U.S. pay-TV channel Showtime, to extend "The Tudors" for 2-3 more seasons, following season 4. By doing so, the stories of Edward... more
Petition published by kimmy on Mar 19, 2009
hiyerr we are all singin this petition to prove that we would like elliott capion and ellis brownhill to form there very own dance crew as they are not in a2aa anymore, and would like to see more of them... more