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Petition published by Sillycat on Nov 11, 2008
We, the undersigned, would like to show our support for the decision to keep Ruth in the... more
Petition published by Karen on Nov 10, 2008
Please!!! Help to make our biggest dream come true and sign our petition to make the NKOTB come to... more
Petition published by Artistes_du_Vieux-Port on Nov 09, 2008
Nous déplorons la décision prise par la Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal de consacrer la promenade des Quais uniquement aux arts du cirque, et de la libérer des autres disciplines artistiques.... more
Petition published by Faby Rodriguez on Nov 09, 2008
Let the guys know how much we need them here...

Chile needs NKOTB back to chile and... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 08, 2008
I am asking you to simple show your support, help get this page seen by X Factor producers and get ''the winner'' back on the... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 04, 2008
Anthony Tyler Quinn is an under-rated and often unnoticed actor who deserves more recognition. It is our hope that Anthony Tyler Quinn will check out a Yahoo! Group and message board that a friend and I... more
Petition published by Lyn Rennick on Nov 01, 2008
This petition is for all Dr Who fans out there who do not want David Tennant to give up his role of the Doctor yet. David's 'Doctor' is the best there has ever been since the programme began in the 1960s... more
Petition published by Ian on Oct 31, 2008
By supporting this petition we ask that the BBC should review its complaints procedures so that people with a view other than negative, have an equally accessible facility to give their opinion.... more
Petition published by Kieran Bolger on Oct 31, 2008
The Petition:
Fizterofosy-Tech Productions is asking you to agree that something needs to be changed. That while it seems there may be prejudice at... more
Petition published by Jasmine on Oct 30, 2008
Please sign the petition to keep Avenue Q going.... more