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Petition published by Shelley Belsky on Apr 24, 2014
We the undersigned call on Marvel Studios to include squirrel Girl in films taking place in the Marvel... more
Petition published by The Viper on Apr 22, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Brentwood Borough Council to allow The Viper Pub to continue with The Beer Festival by approving future Temporary Events... more
Petition published by Edward Lambese WISE GUYS on Apr 21, 2014
Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Committee,

We the undersigned, respectfully urge you to induct Dennis Yost and... more
Petition published by alicksiu on Apr 15, 2014
Whereas Markham is a family community to raise children;

Whereas Ontario is 6.5% or 468,000 at risk or problem... more
Petition published by Michael darity on Apr 12, 2014
We, the undersigned, request that the E.W. Pearson mural Stays in Place.... more
Petition published by Kazuma on Apr 09, 2014
I, a huge fan of Kaze No Stigma, want a season 2 no matter what it... more
Petition published by Lee Pace fans on Apr 06, 2014
We, the fans of Lee Pace, would like to nominate him for People's magazine Sexiest man alive... more
Petition published by Carla Vidal on Apr 05, 2014
We are not happy with the changes made to the current schedule and would like you change it so the peppa pig is only on at 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM like... more
Petition published by Markyus O'Neill on Apr 04, 2014
We all know that this classic Hans Christian Andersen story is being going to be made into a live action film. Also, it is "rumored" to be helmed/directed by the talented, ingenious, Sofia Coppola.... more
Petition published by Michael Chabler on Mar 28, 2014
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is a new medium that can be a tool in helping people share important information or it can be a way of spreading lies and misinformation, often with no consequences to the... more