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Petition published by Daisy Anton on Mar 27, 2015
Wouldn't it be fantastically awesome if Phil Collins and Michael Bolton teamed up to do a concert?... more
Petition published by Mani zeka on Mar 25, 2015
Our dream has to come true people! We, the Dragonball lovers demand a serious live action movie for our favorite anime series as it deserves to.... more
Petition published by Mark Baxter on Mar 24, 2015
We urge the British Broadcasting Corporation to seriously consider actor Chris Barrie as a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson on the otherwise excellent show Top... more
Petition published by ashley on Mar 17, 2015
We, the fans of the show The Walking Dead, call on the show The Walking Dead to come to action to understand that removing the character Daryl in your show The Walking Dead would hurt the ratings... more
Petition published by Lee Brown on Mar 17, 2015
I would like to petition the casting members of Neill Blomkamp's new Alien movie to consider Chad Suicide (Charlotte) for a role in the movie alongside Sigourney Weaver somehow.... more
Petition published by Dominic Notley on Mar 15, 2015
I would like to see Natalia booted from the judges panel on X Factor NZ.... more
Petition published by Katherine Best on Mar 11, 2015
We, the undersigned, want Jeremy Clarkson to be removed from the television permanently regardless of the outcome of the BBC investigation because he is the most irritating man ever... more
Petition published by Jay Krysk on Mar 09, 2015
We, the people, call the future generation to stop the trend of children treating celebrities as god-like role models.... more
Petition published by Traunya RaDean on Mar 09, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Oklahoma Government to eliminate daylight savings... more
Petition published by Heather on Mar 06, 2015
We listeners of the WNCI Morning Zoo want to have Weasel Boy back on the... more