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Petition published by Julisa Rentas on Jun 29, 2015
We, The American People, DEMAND that "World's Dumbest..." should be brought back to TV with new episodes! "World's Dumbest..." is an essential part of American culture. It helps us understand the... more
Petition published by Alyssa on Jun 29, 2015
If you have ever watched R+V and know it can onces again be successful sign this petition.... more
Petition published by Karen turner on Jun 28, 2015
Please sign this petition to tell Facebook they need to make a change in their policies to report animal cruelty to police and to stop it at its source instead of making people famous for it.... more
Petition published by Kena Drew on Jun 28, 2015
We, the undersigned, demand that Universal Studios immediately and permanently suppress or change this insulting and derogatory... more
Petition published by Peter Varga on Jun 26, 2015
Jon Stewart needs to stay on the air on the Daily Show until November 3rd 2016.... more
Petition published by ChurchMediaNetworks on Jun 26, 2015
The Nigerian public has the right to know the actual earnings of those elected to represent them in the legislature.... more
Petition published by Katherine Monaghan on Jun 24, 2015
'Rydym ni isod, defnyddwyr Gwesty'r Pengwern a phentrefwyr Llan Ffestiniog yn cefnogi'r ymdrech i geisio sicrhau grant ar gyfer datblygu Llanffest. Mae'r Wyl yn cyfranu at wella bywyd... more
Petition published by Katerina on Jun 18, 2015
Bring Kohalu to Akon... more
Petition published by Waylon Payne on Jun 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Country Music Hall of Fame to consider for induction to Ms. Sammi... more
Petition published by James Lagoski Jr on Jun 04, 2015
Convince Goodwill to relocate to a new building, rather than simply leave Ottawa, KS after their location is taken over by the neighboring DIY... more