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Petition published by Jordan Freeman on Sep 20, 2014
I am calling out to all classic rock lovers for help. There is a major issue. There are so many great rock and roll bands that are not in the rock and roll hall of fame. One that I was very passionate about... more
Petition published by Christina Weibel on Sep 19, 2014
We the undersigned, call on the state legislation to legalize and regulate prostitution.... more
Petition published by Carla Vidal on Sep 16, 2014
As (former) The Mr. Men Show fans, we demand that you revive this... more
Petition published by Kamahl on Sep 16, 2014
We the UK BEYHIVE FANATICS would like this petition to receive at the least 4,000 signatures at the least. Wheatgerm your a Beyonce fan, love rnb music, love jay z tour signature counts!... more
Petition published by Sandra Folte on Sep 16, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the company "YouTube LLC" to find a REAL solution to keep their platform clean!... more
Petition published by Spartacus..There is Always a Choice on Sep 08, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Glasgow SECC to provide a Spartacus Convention and invite cast and stuntmen from the Spartacus series first distributed by the STARZ network.... more
Petition published by Charles Hines on Sep 05, 2014
We need signatures to help preserve Central and Ashland fire station. The cost of replacing these two historic buildings greatly outweighs the cost of maintaining them (not to mention the costs incurred by... more
Petition published by iChaz on Sep 02, 2014
We, the undersigned, call upon the Premier of Victoria, Australia to permanently cancel any permit for the construction of a road between Mount Buller and Mount Stirling, via the north face of Corn... more
Petition published by Worcester Carnival on Sep 01, 2014
We, the undersigned, back the return of Worcester Carnival in 2015 and would like to see it reinstated for present and future generations to enjoy, and to bring a real community spirit and feel back to... more
Petition published by Kyle Miller on Aug 25, 2014
FUNimation really needs to get the Sgt. Frog dub on either Nicktoons or Cartoon Network so it can become a lot more well known in the US. If more people in the US know about the series' existence through... more