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Petition published by Edward J. Doyle on Sep 25, 2011
Dear President Obama,

We, the undersigned, call on the use of DOE’s “Science of Cool” as the centerpiece of the Cool-America Plan. With the help of the... more
Petition published by Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney on Sep 20, 2011
We the undersigned are opposed to the Federal Government’s Income Management system which quarantines between 50-70 per cent of Centrelink payments so they can only be used to buy ‘priority items’ at government approved stores.... more
Petition published by Jennifer Burdick on Sep 07, 2011
We, the undersigned, would like to request to have Mrs Amy Marsh to become the store manager for store number... more
Petition published by Ronald Roberson on Sep 06, 2011
Juveniles under 18, except in only the severest of crimes should never be charged as an adult. Low level felonies committed by persons under 18 should not be carried with them later on.... more
Petition published by Ben Seeley on Sep 05, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the New Zealand Government to stop the cuts in Domestic Purposes Benefit, Unemployment Benefit and Sickness... more
Petition published by Valerie Certain on Aug 30, 2011
I am asking any African American who is having a hard time making a decent living here in Dover, DE.

We need the Government to take action to make sure employment is... more
Petition published by Casey Caouette on Aug 29, 2011
This petition is to appeal to the Federal Government to enact a Good Character Law or Amendment to the laws that deny eligibility for employment to those convicted of a non-violent felony. Including employment for State and Federal Jobs and Jobs that require... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 28, 2011
Stand by Us and Be the Silenced Voice of Refugees in Greece.

“Refugees Are Not Safe in Greece.”... more
Petition published by stoplydec on Aug 25, 2011
لقد عملنا مع هذا الرجل أكثر من 30سنة ،وعرفناه كيف بدأ، وكيف ارتقى إلى أن وصل الى ماوصل إليه ، بدأ عاملا بسيطا ب... more
Petition published by Paul Walter on Aug 25, 2011
We the People of the united states call on our leaders to work towards the goal of putting our people back to work by the following methods.... more