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Petition published by Christina Armada on May 05, 2009
The purpose of this petition is to have Florida pass a 3% beer tax entirely dedicated to helping our schools. I want the funds to be distributed according to the needs of each individual county, not evenly distributed regardless of counties that are in more need.... more
Petition published by National_Coalition on May 05, 2009
Therefore, be it enacted by the legislature the provisions of the following Act, Creating the Special Expert Commission on the Review of Legislation Affecting the Health and Welfare of Young People in th4e Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hereinafter known as the... more
Petition published by Amber R. Jackson on May 05, 2009
"We, the undersigned, call on the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) Community to prohibit the closure of the ITC Cokesbury Bookstore, until proper protocol and governances have been explored and... more
Petition published by Raffaele on May 04, 2009
Liberaliziamo la cultura, la scuola è confronto di idee. Studiando da un libro unico lo studente non forerà mai una propria opinione su quello che legge, ne potrà mai confrontarsi con chi ha idee differenti a... more
Petition published by Yvonne Low on May 02, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Chinese embassies and authorities to acknowledge the practice of killing cats and dogs for meat and fur as inhumane.... more
Petition published by A. White on May 01, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Hayward Adult School Administration to reinstate Ms. Alice Gibson as the medical terminology I, II, and III teacher for the entire year of 2009. We further request that the administration strongly support Ms. Gibson in her role of more... more
Petition published by Copeland on May 01, 2009
Henrico citizens want to allow urban livestock responsibly and reasonably to empower their community to be more sustainable.

Like more urban cities and counties such as Seattle, Portland,... more
Petition published by Marna Perez on May 01, 2009
Please sign this petition so PACE will continue Horace Mann on a full time basis.

Our children need Mrs. Lindeen! They love... more
Petition published by Scott Fetrow on Apr 30, 2009
We the residents of the West Shore School District are asking the school board to offer Lacrosse as a High School Sport to add to the list of Spring sports and give students the opportunity to play this increasingly popular sport.... more
Petition published by Kimberli Schrader on Apr 30, 2009
I believe saying the Pledge of Allegiance should be back in schools. It was a way for children to pledge to their Country. It was not to pledge to God, but a pledge to our freedom on this land.... more