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Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 28, 2011
We, the undersigned, are calling for the dismissal of the Police Commissioner, Mr Karl O’Callaghan, and all officers and staff involved in the ‘taser torture’ incident in 2008, at the Perth Watchhouse, in which Kevin John Spratt (DOB: 24/04/69) sustained the... more
Petition published by 'concerned Australians' on Mar 26, 2011
To: UN Human Rights Commissioner

Dear Navi Pillay,... more
Petition published by Fatma on Mar 24, 2011
لذا نطالب نحن الأثريين ونرجو من المسؤولين بضرورة التدخل في حماية آثارنا وتراث أول حضارة على وجه الأرض, والتحقيق فيما تم من سرقات للمتاحف... more
Petition published by Alfredo Amora on Mar 24, 2011
Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas
Republic of the Philippines
Cebu City... more
Petition published by Michael Do on Mar 21, 2011

1. We are expressing our disagreement to the fact that our children are taught by our politically opposing side. This... more
Petition published by Eric H. Cline on Mar 21, 2011
We call upon Congress and the President to direct the following actions:

- The Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement... more
Petition published by Jennifer Tomkins on Mar 21, 2011
Tell the world you want New Reader Libraries.

Up and down the country, libraries are being marked for closure; 800 may be shut by the end of the year. No one supports the cuts and... more
Petition published by Irene Ford on Mar 20, 2011
Help save ELMWOOD COLLEGE AGRI COURSES, due to budget cuts it looks like the courses run by Elmwood College for over 50 years and producing some top quaility fine young farmers will cease to be, due to budget cuts.... more
Petition published by daniel stallard on Mar 18, 2011
We the undersigned object to the sale and demolition of the Odeon Northend Portsmouth and want it to be kept and the building maintained for generations to... more
Petition published by Ruby Akhtar on Mar 16, 2011
Pakistan is in a mess that the whole world can see. On top of it the brutality is increasing day by day by Killing Christians/Jews and others who do not share the same faith as them. This is not democracy and the time has now come for the world leaders to address... more