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Petition published by Laura on Jan 19, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on Kings County to refrain from the order of removal of Alex Loomers family pets: one hen and four... more
Petition published by Jade on Jan 17, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education and Child Development in South Australia to stop Bullying in schools and the devastating effect it has on young lives.... more
Petition published by big boss on Jan 14, 2012
We call on the Prime Minister to stand up and lead the way for the support of our priceless indigenous languages of... more
Petition published by big boss on Jan 14, 2012
We call on the Prime Minister to support and promote the Crocodile Islands Ranger Program and fund our work, for the future of all... more
Petition published by big boss on Jan 14, 2012
We call on the Prime Minister of Australia to champion Indigenous people's right to equitably live on their homelands and speak their own... more
Petition published by Simon on Jan 13, 2012
This petition is a list of signatures that show community support toward the construction of a building in which musicians and collaborative bands may practice, rehearse, record, and/or play their specific instruments, with twenty-four hour access, in... more
Petition published by Rfi Riposte on Jan 12, 2012
Radio France Internationale est en péril. Menacée, jusque dans son existence, par la fusion juridique et rédactionnelle avec la télévision France 24, voulue par le président de la République française et menée à marche forcée par les responsables actuels... more
Petition published by Norman V. Cabrera on Jan 11, 2012
We, the undersigned, support the Citizen Protection Act (CPA) of 2010 that makes the harmless act of carrying a gun or any deadly weapon in public places a criminal offence (mala prohibita) before such act turns into a crime.... more
Petition published by Maxx Cook on Jan 08, 2012
We believe that teenagers, when they reach the age of 17, should be allowed to vote on the local, state, and federal elections that are taking place. Teenagers have been stereotyped to be clueless politically until we reach the age of 18.... more
Petition published by Kalvin on Jan 08, 2012
Help save the Cockshutt Building.

For its reuse for its new life as the Museum for the
CHIC (Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre)... more