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Petition published by Susie Shannon on Mar 18, 2013
We, the undersigned, urge the California Democratic Party to pass the following resolution demanding a moratorium on fracking at the California Democratic Party Convention held at the Sacramento Convention Center April 12-14, 2013.... more
Petition published by David Yang on Mar 17, 2013
We, the people of the U.S, call on water bottle companies to publish their bottled water quality and detailed info about their sources and... more

Petition published by Gyreentyp on Mar 09, 2013
The benefits of including Class Discrimination are numerous:

-reduces discontent, prevents accidents, crime, snobbery, exploitation, addiction and bullying...

... more
Petition published by People for Super Peach on Mar 08, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on Nintendo to create a game where Princess Peach can be her own heroine.

We want a game made where we can play as Peach, and possibly Daisy,... more
Petition published by Anette Meyer on Mar 08, 2013
Immediate & Unconditional Release of Kurdish Cultural Activists Kaihan Azizi and Davoud... more
Petition published by Michail Jarovoj on Mar 07, 2013
Моля за вашата подкрепа. Поех тази инициатива със създаването, разпространението на представително лого на България, защото смятам, че... more
Petition published by Karma's Waler Stud on Mar 02, 2013
We ask the Senate to honor the Waler through the descendents of this horse that still roam Australia today by making him an Australian icon for his impact on forming this country by carrying our pioneers in the early years and our diggers in the Second Boer War and World... more
Petition published by Ben on Feb 26, 2013
By signing this petition you will be showing your support for the much needed restoration to different areas of the Mill such as the original Kentish style roof which I'm afraid is half the roof it used to be... (literally) and to rebuild the incredible sails that... more
Petition published by Jazz Fans Against the New Orleans Pelicans on Feb 25, 2013
We, the undersigned Utah Jazz fans, call on Utah Jazz ownership to save the fanbase of the New Orleans Hornets -- soon to be the New Orleans Pelicans -- from having their state bird, the Brown Pelican, as the mascot for their professional basketball franchise when, at... more