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尊敬的澳門特別行政區行政長官 崔世安博士 閣下:

近年本澳居住用途房屋租金持續暴漲,加幅甚至高達六成或以上 ,
已影響本澳居民各階層安居樂業,影響社會安定。... more
Petition published by Somosfamilia on Oct 31, 2012
Por estas razones solicitamos que dichas preguntas sean retiradas de la proposición y del debate para evitar que se viole el derecho a la intimidad de las personas vinculadas a Canal Capital y porque insistir en tales preguntas se constituye en un delito puesto que... more
Petition published by BOUTERFES on Oct 29, 2012
نحن الموقعون أسفله سكان شمال إفريقيا أمازيغيو اللسان و الهوية والثقافة و الإنتماء إلى أرض الأجداد نرفع هذه المراسلة إذ نطالب المنظمة الأممية... more
Petition published by Yuki Endo on Oct 25, 2012
We're residents and tourists asking the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to stop the fare and toll hike.

According to MTA, 4-option fare will help closed some budget... more
Petition published by Wes ACLU on Oct 25, 2012
We, the undersigned, urge Senator Blumenthal to repeal sections 1021 and 1022- "the mandatory military detention" and "indefinite detention" provisions- of the... more
Petition published by April Rheubottom on Oct 24, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the National Board of Elections to come up with a tool that would allow the American Vote to be cast via... more
Petition published by E. Brian Starvaggi on Oct 24, 2012
We the undersigned, call upon Congress to never change, ratify, modify, adjust, adapt, add to , take away from, alter the 2nd Amendment ever again.... more
Petition published by Cam spam on Oct 24, 2012
Stop spam filling up your inbox. Sign our petition to have Microsoft change the way email addresses are... more
Petition published by Edward Blum on Oct 23, 2012
We ask that Ms. Ann Coulter apologize for her insensitive tweet during the presidential debate, for it adds nothing to our political discussion and it emboldens those full of ignorance for human life to think and act in harsh ways toward those with special... more
Petition published by marc jones on Oct 23, 2012
We, the undersigned, want fairer business rates in Wales that enable small and medium enterprises to flourish. Scotland has a higher business rate for supermarkets.... more