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Petition published by Sambit Hazra on Jul 10, 2012
We want our roads properly maintained and we want proper drainage services in our locality, otherwise we will also complain to the ministry of urban... more
Petition published by Janet on Jul 09, 2012
We are urging Government to take into account the number of dogs that HAVE injured people/pets that are not on this dangerous dogs list.... more
Petition published by Mojmir Babacek on Jul 09, 2012
Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We are aware that some agencies of your government (and possibly some other entities or individuals in this country) are in the possession... more
Petition published by Wayne Place on Jul 08, 2012
A new era is dawning in Australia with the introduction of the Centrelink Basics Card. This card will strip people of their basic right of where they will be able to shop and spend their money.... more
Petition published by Tim on Jul 07, 2012
The UN security council, AU peace and security missions must investigate a third force in any country in this continent then give that country the ultimatum to fight it!... more
Petition published by Justice Seeker on Jul 05, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Prakash Singh Badal to take immediate action concerning Yannick's safe return to Burundi along with the assitance with the medical attention required for Yannick's... more
Petition published by Doreen Lyons on Jul 05, 2012
The Enrolled Members of the Three Affiliated Tribes hereby exercise their civil constitutional rights to utilize the federally recognized legal element of their tribal government in which they abide by, namely the: “UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR... more
Petition published by Chris Jarvis on Jul 04, 2012
Roger Hayes was not afforded any normal recognised, Due Process of Law when he was incarcerated.

I the undersigned plead for Justice to be delivered with mercy and... more
Petition published by Yeung on Jul 04, 2012

1. 公開有關詳細紀錄(包括電郵、會議紀錄、對話筆記等),包括藝發局及M+從一開始回顧以致改變香港參與威尼斯雙年展的公開甄選制度之相關討論;藝發局及M+從一開始到落實決定兩者合作之相關討論;藝發局及M+從一開始到決定委任李立偉為威尼斯雙年展香港館之策展人;... more
Petition published by ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ on Jul 02, 2012
Οἱ ὑπογράφοντες τὸ ἀνωτέρω κείμενο ζητοῦμε ἀπὸ τὴν Κυβέρνησι νὰ μὴ προχωρήση στὴν ἔκδοσι ἠλεκτρονικῶν ταυτοτήτων, τὶς... more