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Petition published by Norbert Atiah on Sep 19, 2012
Freedom of, or right to, information is an internationally recognized fundamental human right to access information held by government bodies. It is also based on the democratic principle that in a democracy, the sovereignty of a nation lies in the hands of the... more
Petition published by Lindsey Letman on Sep 18, 2012
Let's not let Taxpayers keep Murderers alive.

Stop Innocent People being killed.... more
Petition published by broadcasting on Sep 13, 2012
Kami yang bertandatangan di bawah ini setuju dengan ide Ronal Tike dari 101 Jak FM dan menyatakan kepada Pemprov DKI Jakarta bahwa kami ingin libur hari Jumat tanggal 21 September... more
Petition published by Fernando Pereira de Almeida on Sep 12, 2012
Por favor, assinem esta petição contra a desvinculação de Receita da União - DRU - a fim de sabermos qual a destinação de verbas federais, pertencentes aos cofres públicos, portanto dinheiro auferido por meio, precipuamente, de impostos e taxas cobrados de... more
Petition published by Sasmart on Sep 12, 2012
We are calling for every person in the world to turn off their electricity for half an hour EVERY TIME they see the face of Julius Malema on their television screens in protest of media manipulation until 1 December... more
Petition published by Farah Abdurahman on Sep 11, 2012
We the undersigned lobby the Liverpool branch of the Roads and Maritime Services to open their ground level toilet facility for public... more
Petition published by Jason on Sep 11, 2012
We, the undersigned, petition the above listed to immediately reinstate the "T-Beam Cross" of the twin towers to a place of prominence on the hollowed grounds of the September 11, 2001 memorial. This T-Beam Cross item appeared in the rubble of the... more
Petition published by CATHY on Sep 09, 2012
We the people of the united states of america call on congress to please eliminate the Electoral College and give votes back to the people.... more
Petition published by LILAK (Purple Action for Indigenous Women Rights) on Sep 07, 2012
We urge the government to seriously look into this act of violence against Jordan Manda and Timuay Manda.

Specifically we urge the Commission on Human Rights, the National... more
Petition published by chababzagora on Sep 06, 2012
على اثر الحادث المفجع الذي أودى بحياة أكثر من 44 شخصا، و إصابات عديدة متفاوتة الخطورة، على مستوى النقطة الطرقية الخطيرة المسماة "تيزي نتيشكا"... more