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Results 1421-1430 of about 1968 for Civil rights
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Petition published by The Association for the Advancement of Feminism on Dec 03, 2008
本會與平等機會婦女聯席剛於11月25日國際消除對婦女暴力行動日發出呼籲,希望香港社會正視婦女仍面對的暴力問題,並提醒政府必須履行在國際社會為消除婦女暴力許下的承諾。言猶在耳,今天(11月27日)獲悉警局內發生了女性報案人被警務人員強姦的嚴重性罪行,本會表示震驚及憤怒﹗本會強烈譴責執法人員的性暴力罪行,並要求政府成立獨立委員會徹查,向受害人及市民清楚交待。... more
Petition published by Matthew Oakey on Dec 01, 2008
We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) and DERM and Planning & Zoning - ALL Dade County Regulating bodies to obey FLORIDA STATE LAW Ch 790.333 FS and cease the "Unnecessary litigation and regulation by governmental... more
Petition published by Sheree Bonar on Nov 26, 2008
Many people want to better themselves but are not able to do so due to a crime that they committed in their past.

Any one should be able to get an education in any feild that they... more
Petition published by eliska Jeffrey on Nov 25, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Government to legalise same-sex marriage in... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 24, 2008
By signing the petition, I am adding my name to the list of those outraged that Raye Dawn Smith had an unfair trial. I believe Raye Dawn should either receive another, fair, trial or be exonerated of all charges and set... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 24, 2008
Domnule Presedinte Sorin Frunzaverde,

Noi subsemnatii dorim sa ne manifestam profunda indignare pentru modul in care este tratata de catre superiorii sai pe linie de... more
Petition published by pgdrans on Nov 23, 2008
Please sign this petition and let us see if we can get this law relaxed for us people who enjoy listening to Aviation and want to do this without breaking any... more
Petition published by obamasupporte on Nov 22, 2008
Sign the petition here below and then by posting a blogspot comment. Vote in the polls about who you voted for, and what types of bailouts we deserve as... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 19, 2008
This petition calls on federal and state governments to increase oversight and regulation of behavioral modification programs that advertise themselves as drug rehabilatation centers but are actually private juvenile and adult detention centers, many of which are... more
Petition published by Genevieve Jeffreys on Nov 18, 2008
We, the undersigned, ask that China stop skinning dogs and cats to supply the fur trade. It is unacceptable. The suffering and cruelty does not justify the means to this end.... more