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Petition published by gociu on Jul 09, 2010
Petition published by Anonymous on Jul 08, 2010
In Kashmir since 1989 more than 70,000 casualties and 8,000 + documented enforced disappearances have occurred all in the guise of draconian laws such as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA, which grants Indian paramilitary and police forces license to... more
Petition published by MonkAndy on Jul 08, 2010
We thee peaceful African American and Latino Community of Los Angele's County Antelope Valley do hereby Affirm and attest that there has been a systematic attack on our communities civil liberties, by the law enforcement agency of the Antelope Valley... more
Petition published by May on Jul 08, 2010
Tear down the White House Fence.

No boarder crossing protection.. No White House fence... more
Petition published by dirk schellingerhout on Jul 07, 2010
We the undersigned call on British government & Queen to admit what they have done during the ABW was wrong, cruel, and as the Germans had to pay compensation to the Jews for what they have done against them in WW 2, so Britain should also pay the Boer people... more
Petition published by Rhiannon on Jul 05, 2010
We, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister to re-instate exigently the Number10 e-petition service, with full privilege to previously inaugurated... more
Petition published by Growroom on Jul 02, 2010
Solicitamos ao Ministério Público do Rio de Janeiro que revise a acusação, modificando-a para o art. 28 da Lei 11.343, que se refere às condutas relacionadas com o cultivo de maconha para consumo pessoal.... more
Petition published by Susan Gibson on Jul 02, 2010
We, the smokers of New York ask that our elected officials take a stand with us against this new cigarette tax.

It is outrageous for Governor Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg to expect... more
Petition published by Sara on Jul 02, 2010
We are asking to have Florida Statute 316.614 Safety belt usage, revised in order to eliminate section 4: A, B as this law is seen as an unnecessary infringement on the citizen's of Florida rights.... more
Petition published by JerryAtlansky on Jul 01, 2010
Exactly as above. Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

Jerry... more