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Petition published by Melissa Meador on Nov 28, 2009
I can assure you you will not find a better man... on facebook or anywhere else....he has never bullied anyone or been unnecessarily cruel to anyone. I have written to implore you to let his account be reinstated at the earliest convenience. If you look, you will find... more
Petition published by Susan on Nov 24, 2009
We, the respectable educated citizens of Sri Lanka request the local government to ban further importation of three wheelers into the country as it has become a threat and a nuisance to the freedom, civil rights, law and order and the safety of the overall public of... more
Petition published by Erica on Nov 24, 2009
This petition is for the Nevada politicians to review and make the decision to have programs that help the homeless in Nevada.

Free transportation, more food drives, bigger shelters and more... more
Petition published by Sherri Lange on Nov 23, 2009
We the undersigned demand a moratorium on the development of huge industrial turbines forty stories tall in Lake Ontario and in all the Great Lakes.... more
Petition published by JACQUELINE LOVE on Nov 19, 2009
The undersigned, being residents and citizens in the City of New York, New York, do hereby petition
your Honor for the law and/or ordinance to be amended to include the following:... more
Petition published by linda on Nov 19, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the state of Virginia to help create jobs for previously convicted felons who truly show their ability to be good people and who want to be law abiding, hard working citizens before their lives went on a downward... more
Petition published by Steve Mark on Nov 16, 2009
Please support the real solution for Greece Macedonia dispute on the name issue.

Draft-Proposal of compromise between Greece and Macedonia dispute on... more
Petition published by Mark Blaker on Nov 14, 2009
We believe Alan Davies and Stephen Fry are nice guys who have slipped up. We ask them to retract the comments made about athletes with learning difficulties in QI series B episode 6 and agree that the words used to describe them in that show are offensive.... more
Petition published by A E L on Nov 13, 2009
We the Undesigned, demand the immediate release of Milena Ivanova, currently under detention in the Police Department of Zakynthos and the annulment of her sentence of this "crime" whose legal ground is now null and void!... more
Petition published by WTRR on Nov 13, 2009

To the attention of:... more