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Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 02, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Fife Council to provide a reasonable budget to include a new or refurbished swimming pool in the new Dunfermline High... more
Petition published by Cathy on Jun 02, 2009
We residents oppose the Martin Marietta multiple variance request application that includes 45,000 pounds of explosive monthly for BLASTING for a minimum of 50 years. Part of a new mining operation at Broadwell and Roundbottom Road in Anderson Township,... more
Petition published by Erik Ferreira on May 28, 2009
I have reviewed the information presented at the Geo Safe Play website regarding their lead-free synthetic turf and organic infill systems, and have discovered that both products are 100% environmentally friendly and significantly safer for athletes... more
Petition published by Charles on May 26, 2009
The community of Carberry and all its constituents want the South Cypress Council members to initiate a 5 year plan to Replace or Revitalize the Carberry Community and Recreation Center in consultation with the Carberry Recreation... more
Petition published by rob on May 26, 2009
If you work in Leamington Spa where do you park? The Council are now taking away the last remaining all day parking spaces forcing business workers onto the 2 hour meter zones. With an over subscribed parking permit system with too few spaces, this means... more
Petition published by robbie on May 25, 2009
This is a petition to have the Saint George‚Äôs body and horse removed from the plinth, leaving the dragon standing free and... more
Petition published by Tracy Dargan on May 24, 2009
We sign the petition to show Lake Macquarie city Council that the area of the proposed brothel is where children play, ride bikes, swim in creek. Children access creek which is within 100metres from proposed brothel attending access to school, sports from Blackhalls Park.... more
Petition published by Dawn Hardaker on May 19, 2009
We the undersigned and residents of Hillside Close call on Sefton Council to abolish the residents' parking scheme in Hillside Close as they have done with residing streets around the area.... more
Petition published by No Games on May 17, 2009
Mr. President -

I oppose Chicago's effort to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.... more
Petition published by CRADOLA2009 on May 16, 2009
The Petitioners request that the Hills Shire Council DOES NOT build an enclosed off-leash dog facility at Crestwood Reserve and that ALL of Crestwood Reserve become On-Leash and that NO Dog Club be granted "Area Under Licence" to any playing field in Crestwood... more