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Petition published by Greg Randall on Jan 31, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the Town Hall Of Bristol, to change the Zoning Regulation of Making Portable Garages legal on Owners' Properties, as long as they are secure and... more
Petition published by Kim Checchetto on Jan 30, 2010
I/We urge the Council to allow one hour free parking in Mill Hill Broadway for all shoppers.

If you sign this petition the Liberal Democrats or their elected... more
Petition published by Tsaragi on Jan 30, 2010
"The Kwara State Government to return the nine disputed villages to the Sharagis" because they are proved to be Nupe villages. This to implement the content of 1976 report on Tsaragi and Share boundary adjustment commission section 177 to 179 pages... more
Petition published by Daniela Boehne on Jan 27, 2010

We, the undersigned, encourage the orange County Board of Supervisors to renew the lease as proposed by the current lessee, John... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jan 27, 2010
Keep our town of Avra Valley a small town. Keep Marana and it's town council from polluting this our families, our children. Once the new landfill comes to Avra Valley, it will pollute our waters, lower our property values, increase crime from the people coming in from... more
Petition published by Ryan Hollander on Jan 27, 2010
We the undersigned request The City of Costa Mesa refrain from taking any and all action against Medical Marijuana facilities within the city limits.... more
Petition published by Sally on Jan 27, 2010
We, the indersigned, call on you to re-open Streatham Lesiure Centre as soon as possible, and ensure that there is adequate service provision.
We ask that you are transparent and consult local residents about the... more
Petition published by Erick on Jan 26, 2010
We the undersigned call upon the City Council of the City of Ashland to make a change in the current driving conditions on the street of Belmont located parallel of 29th Street in Ashland, KY. Many accidents have occurred on this road - some even resulting in death... more
Petition published by Graeme Sweetapple on Jan 25, 2010
We the people of Bournemouth Dorset, signing this petition, below call upon Bournemouth Borough Council to implement the demolition and removal of the Imax Cinema complex with immediate effect.... more
Petition published by Carol Hanslope on Jan 25, 2010
We the undersigned call upon the Local Planning Authority of Hereford Council to remove the designation of 'employment land' on the Faraday Road site and approve the Planning Application from Bovale Limited submitted on 13 November for a retirement village in Faraday... more