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Petition published by lauren on Apr 25, 2009
So. You still think fur makes u look good. Ok well, did you know how they are killed. They are hung, skinned, clubbed, kicked, thrown. everything terrible and inhumane. Its sickening. So many animals are being killed. and for what? clothing!!... more
Petition published by Taiwanrox8 on Apr 23, 2009
We the people demand an apology from Jackie Chan, the famous kung-fu actor, for his comments stating that Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Chinese needed to be "controlled" and that freedom was not good.... more
Petition published by Michaela Kane on Apr 08, 2009
In signing this petition, we hope to bring China’s healthcare crisis into light, and demonstrate the various aspects of this crisis, which are similar to America’s own healthcare problems. Once again, we urge you to persuade the Chinese government to reform... more
Petition published by csram on Apr 05, 2009

在策劃興建或改造道路時,須詳細考慮轉換至右行制對車輛動力的影響;... more
Petition published by Chan Yuet Tung on Mar 28, 2009
請全球華人龍的傳人簽名支持爭取中國合法領土在美洲大陸... more
Petition published by Free the Trails! on Mar 22, 2009

我們, 下方簽署, 要求漁農自然護理署開放全港山徑予山地單車活動。... more
Petition published by Carol Benitez on Mar 22, 2009
We the undersigned therefore call on the Chinese government to end Fur Farming, and in doing so, showing China as a compassionate and ethical... more
Petition published by Sheridan A Smith on Mar 14, 2009
This year, a human rights report was released outlining the human rights abuses that have been rampant in China for many decades now. They have been oppressing the citizens of countries they have invaded, calling them "minorities" living in "restive areas of the... more
Petition published by Suzie on Mar 10, 2009
By signing below you are helping save about 10 million cats and dogs in china that are inhumanely and unnaturally abused. All the animals lovers, imagine it were your pets and beloved companions and friends in those cages.... more
Petition published by irina on Mar 06, 2009