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Petition published by Bill Schfitz on Jan 25, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Congress of the United States of America to pass an amendment to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) to include schools, daycare centers, and playgrounds in the provisions of this... more
Petition published by donna hayward on Jan 25, 2009
We the undersigned want the government to classify this as a serious medical condition and not a cosmetic condition.

There is no cure and this effects the person both mentally and... more
Petition published by shasta on Jan 25, 2009
As some people know that mattel has sued mga witch is mga (bratz dolls) mattel(barbie dolls).

Does any one remember when barbie was 1# best doll out popular?In... more
Petition published by Loulou on Jan 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, support this petition against child abuse and Child... more
Petition published by kelsey on Jan 20, 2009
SAVE OUR... more
Petition published by nathansjustice on Jan 17, 2009
Nathan and I need your help to have the findings of the coroner regarding Graham McLeish tested in a court of law. The Coronial Inquest’s recommendations have not yet been passed onto the Department of Public Prosecutions. Why not?... more
Petition published by rlotz on Jan 15, 2009
The Canadian government, as imbued with the power of people it serves; as an extension of the people's will, passion and commitment, must act against these child sexual exploitation atrocities.... more
Petition published by Elspeth cordell on Jan 15, 2009
We the general public of United kingdom call on the government to make stricter guidelines such as a fast track intervention system for high risk Children, in dealing with cases of child neglect and abuse.... more
Petition published by Ahmed Bourouis on Jan 14, 2009
Suite aux massacres d'enfants et de civils à Gaza par des armes interdites. Nous demandons aux dirigeants de pays qui se veulent libres (Venezuela, Iran, Syrie, Algerie, turquie,Qatar,...) de se doter des armes les plus sophistiquées que l'ennemi possède pour... more
Petition published by Sheryl Hill on Jan 14, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the State, Federal, and United States Senate entities, to elicit national, uniform safety standards to protect the hundreds of thousands of children as they travel abroad via third party... more