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Petition published by Josie on Oct 14, 2008
Children do die from Child Abuse each year. Let's stop it.

On Behalf of the suffering children out there lets sign and make a change!... more
Petition published by Suzana Zuzek on Oct 10, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Government to end all discriminative legislation that negatively impacts against single mothers and their children.... more
Petition published by VICKI ULRICH on Oct 08, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Senate and House of Representative to pass a comprehensive Federal Law that would protect children from Child Abuse and would put more restrictive measures on those agencies whose job it is to protect children.... more
Petition published by Candace on Oct 08, 2008
As of now, when a parent is convicted of abusing their own children, they will receive an array of services to "help" them. They will re receive a bed to sleep, clothing, shelter from the cold,three meals a day, education, legal services, health care, dental care, a right... more
Petition published by elaine aldaker on Oct 07, 2008
We, the undersigned petition the governments of the United Kingdom and of Syria, to assist in the process of locating Abdallah Aldaker, and to facilitate negotiations for his safe... more
Petition published by busymama5 on Oct 05, 2008
We the undersigned call on Idaho state senate and congress to change the law for Daycares so that a daycare must be shut down if Misdemeanor charges are presented and found proven in a court of law.... more
Petition published by Lisa Reyes on Oct 03, 2008
Por favor ayuden esta causa que es muy importante para las personas que sus hijos sufren este defecto que el enemigo les a enviado, estos Niñitos son del Señor a ay que orar por ellos para que sean liberados de todas estas enfermedades Dios me los bendiga a todos y... more
Petition published by Susyn Vickers on Oct 03, 2008
Abortion is wrong and should be stopped. It isn't the babies' fault that irresponsible people have sex and get pregnant.

I believe that if you are going to have unprotected sex and you get... more
Petition published by Annie Rolland on Sep 29, 2008
Le club des petits déjeuners du Québec offre des déjeuners à tout les enfants dans leur classe avant que les cours commence.

Cependant, j'Ai découvert qu'il n'Est pas disponible partout, dont... more
Petition published by Uralisa on Sep 28, 2008
Along with our sympathy for the family and friends of the victim, we are extremely concerned about the well being of Prince Rashid A.K.A Derrick Burton #672621... more