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Petition published by Natasha Hart on Sep 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Australian government to give all Australians the right to FREE access to Sex offender registries to protect our... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 03, 2009
We petition against Alcohol Sale at the Library.

Please help us fight this nonsense, the library is for children, don't destroy our library by bringing in... more
Petition published by Michelle Hatcher-Nutavanich on Sep 01, 2009
We, the undersigned, call everyone that receive this e-mail to sign this petition if you think it is wrong for the students to receive tardy slips due to the fact that they are late for their own lunch... more
Petition published by Joint Council on Sep 01, 2009
The signatories to this petition:

1) Urge all Members of the U.S. Congress to encourage the Haitian government to pass the new Adoption and Child Protection Law.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 31, 2009
If you're a Michael Jackson lover, wouldn't you like to celebrate this special day every year? It would be so nice to continue his legacy and to celebrate his life.... more
Petition published by Alice Walker on Aug 30, 2009
We the undersigned strongly object to any proposal of a 'Michael Jackson Day' or any other pseudo-deification of Michael Jackson in the media on the grounds that he was guilty of sexually abusive behaviour towards children.... more
Petition published by Kees van Beek on Aug 29, 2009
Al jaren lang maken de Raad voor de Kinderbescherming en Bureau Jeugdzorg e.d. misbruik van hun macht (smiddelen). Hierdoor zijn al veel gezinnen (ouders en kinderen) gedupeerd.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 29, 2009
Kids Need To See More Of Kids Things On ITV Channel,
Not Only That Their Mum And Dad's Don't Have Money To Get Sky or Virgin... more
Petition published by lilbitahoneydust on Aug 29, 2009
We the undersigned believe that the family unit is important and if at all possible children removed from their parents custody should be placed with a ready and willing grandparent if the grandparents express an interest in having custody of the children.... more
Petition published by Brian on Aug 25, 2009
There should be a LAW that says kids shouldn't buy RATED M GAMES and all stores should follow the rating system and all the clerks there should care!... more