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Petition published by Arouge on Feb 26, 2009
Although, Mr.10% has committed many blunders, but the biggest one of all was the disqualification of The Sharif brothers and the dissolving of Punjab Government.... more
Petition published by Duke Ting on Feb 25, 2009
We request that Honda Corporation correct the Wheel bearing issue in the Honda Jazz / Fit by:

1) Recalling the vehicle... more
Petition published by Alan on Feb 24, 2009
The reason of this petition is to get enough public reaction locally and internationally against an on going and growing problem is South Africa, where the black taxis are everyday becoming more an more lawless and murdering people at will with their vehicles with no,... more
Petition published by A Voice for Children on Feb 20, 2009
Since Baby P's death it has been revealed that up to 4 children die every week in England from abuse or neglect and that child abuse is far more common than anyone could have imagined.... more
Petition published by Cathy MacDonald on Feb 18, 2009
By signing this petition you will be indicating your support for designating the left hand lane for use by transports.

(At least this should apply to the 400 series... more
Petition published by Joseph Hurley on Feb 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask that you, the elected officials of Barnstable, stand behind our efforts to eliminate the business curfew in the Town of Barnstable. We ask that you support our ballot question when it appears in an upcoming... more
Petition published by bob on Feb 12, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon the Northampton Borough Council, to let us learn the basics of driving on the unused car parks on the Edgar Mobbs Way, so that we can learn to drive without the pressures of impatient drivers on our roads... more
Petition published by elizabeth on Feb 09, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon Aday Bay Properties Management to provide assigned parking for each unit (one space per unit).

This will ensure that the overflow of cars will have to park in... more
Petition published by sherridina on Feb 06, 2009
Please, sign this petition, and call or email the mayor. Express your concerns about the potential for... more
Petition published by Newropeans on Feb 05, 2009
A true democracy in Europe will only be possible if the European parliament is elected by all European voters in a single trans-european election, acquiring a trans-european legitimacy and... more