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Petition published by elizabeth on Feb 09, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon Aday Bay Properties Management to provide assigned parking for each unit (one space per unit).

This will ensure that the overflow of cars will have to park in... more
Petition published by sherridina on Feb 06, 2009
Please, sign this petition, and call or email the mayor. Express your concerns about the potential for... more
Petition published by Newropeans on Feb 05, 2009
A true democracy in Europe will only be possible if the European parliament is elected by all European voters in a single trans-european election, acquiring a trans-european legitimacy and... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Feb 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the DVLA to allow characters to be moved from one block to another block on a Cherished Number Plate.

The font size, font type and all other regulations set by DVLA should... more
Petition published by Luka on Feb 03, 2009
Stoga, svi koji mislite da je stvarno kap prelila casu i da je vrijeme za radikalne poteze i smjenu Davora s mjesta administratora, potpisite... more
Petition published by Stacey Crosby on Jan 30, 2009
Keep free parking in Central Milton... more
Petition published by James Priest on Jan 28, 2009
We, the undersigned, request that the road is surfaced at Beacon Grove within the next 4... more
Petition published by kim on Jan 21, 2009
We are looking for local residents of Wakenshaw Crescent Pakenham to sign this petition to get the council land cleaned up as summer is here and the snakes are bound to be out!!! We don't want our children to get hurt THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.... NOW.... more
Petition published by Jade on Jan 15, 2009
Sometimes little things can turn into big things. Think about brushing your teeth. If you don't brush for one day, chances are nothing bad will happen. But if you don't brush your teeth for one month, you may develop a cavity. It's the same thing with global temperatures.... more
Petition published by Ken Hughes on Jan 15, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Government of Canada to include in the January, 2009 budget a provision allowing all Canadian citizens to withdraw up to $50,000 from their RRSPs and RRIFs …... more