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Petition published by Luxsaan on Apr 13, 2009
Non-renewable resources have not been taken proper care of and can become a global threat to us all. The over consumption of these hazardous materials is affecting our earth, and destroying many of sources that we take granted for. One effect that non-renewable... more
Petition published by Yolande Dassaye on Apr 13, 2009
The government is planning to build a desalination plant in Victoria in the next 3 years. This petition so that all further plans of desalination plants should be dismissed. It will do more harm than good.... more
Petition published by Meadows 5, street 2, villa 14 on Apr 12, 2009
We, the Residents of the Meadows & Springs community in Dubai demand safer roads within the community and no cars parked on the pedestrian path- ways.... more
Petition published by cody on Apr 11, 2009
please sign if u want more episodes of outlaw... more
Petition published by Shawn Swiatkowski on Apr 09, 2009
What this petition is asking is that the R33 and R34 be allowed into America easily and without going through the extreme hassle of getting the two cars up to spec within a 120 days, and without spending the large amounts of money to get them up to... more
Petition published by KD Washington on Apr 08, 2009
We want speed bumps/humps in place though out Carpenter Hill and Baldwin Run Areas, to include Lemuel Ave, 31st Street, Beidman Ave, etc.... more
Petition published by Aatif on Apr 08, 2009
I, the undersigned, call on the esteem court to review the import policies so as to ease the import of... more
Petition published by Jim Rettew on Apr 04, 2009
We, the residents, retailers, employees, and business associates of Uptown Broadway, request that the retail HOA immediately repeal the 3 hour parking boot ordinance that became effective on April 1, 2009 and work with the residents to find a solution that works for all... more
Petition published by julie mcginnis on Apr 04, 2009
We the undersigned are calling on action for cleaner air and a healthier, and longer life. now that we have rid of public smoking we need to rid of exhaust gases in our everyday life. perhaps add more taxes or find another means of transportation. i don't like... more
Petition published by JESSICA TYE on Apr 03, 2009
Fight for justice, stop legal kidnapping and child abuse! Child Protective Services needs to stop tearing loving families apart. CPS needs to focus on the children that are really getting abused physically, emotionally and mentally! CPS is doing more damage to... more