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Petition published by Sean Morey on Oct 14, 2013
I am petioning NASCAR to impliment immediately a "CHALLENGE RULE" each Pit Crew Chief is given a challenge indicator, and is allowed only one per race.... more
Petition published by DeAnna Sumter on Oct 10, 2013
Glorifying foolishness & adultery from men that are supposed to be spreading the word of God is unacceptable.

Those learning about Christ may assume that all "men of God" act the... more
Petition published by Mitchell Abbott on Oct 07, 2013
This petition is a call to the council responsible for the wall on Belair Road to repair the missing section or replace the wall entirely with proper guard railing to ensure the safety of every single driver who uses the road.... more
Petition published by Project on Oct 06, 2013
We call on Toyota to stop making model Prius, or to find a better solution in its production, that will be more environmental... more
Petition published by BoostWhores on Oct 02, 2013
We would like to have laws in Canada and the United States changed so that there are no age requirements for importing vehicles.

We would all much rather see no age restriction but instead a better... more
Petition published by sir slackcat on Oct 01, 2013
WE the undersinged are taking action against these speed detectors units that the police forces in Australia are using to rip off the driver and put people's lives at risk.... more
Petition published by Chirsta on Sep 27, 2013
Save... more
Petition published by Kristin Loehrmann on Sep 24, 2013
Please sign your name to this petition so Judge Yu understands what the murder of Jessica Scholl has done to our... more
Petition published by Michele Anderson on Sep 21, 2013
We, the undersigned call upon the U.S. Government to make modifications in the U.S. Government by eliminating the House of Representatives.... more
Petition published by Jennifer wear on Sep 18, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce to make the 24 our parking lot behind pizza ranch a permit parking lot... more