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Petition published by Leigh Touchton on Aug 24, 2014
Dear President William J. McKinney:

We, the undersigned, call on you to cancel the speaking engagement with Dr. Ben Carson, September 11, for the following reasons:... more
Petition published by The Coast Estate Seaford Rise FB page on Aug 20, 2014
Please install either lights or a roundabout at the intersection of Albany Way and Commercial Road Seaford... more
Petition published by Mimi B. on Aug 18, 2014
1. At the Boynton Street Bend – parking restrictions have been posted to maintain good access for large vehicle to negotiate the steep curve, but signs have been posted in discreet locations and unnecessarily far from the curve, reducing 5 or more parking... more
Petition published by Heather Chase on Aug 18, 2014
No child should suffer the way Jack has.

Please sign this petition for Dr. Carson to come out of retirement and help end the suffering of... more
Petition published by John Sayer on Aug 15, 2014
Following the sad loss of Robin Williams this week, we the undersigned would respectively ask the Committee who operate the annual Oscars to consider a new category specifically to celebrate the work of Robin.... more
Petition published by Brian fahy on Aug 13, 2014
We believe that changing the trading hours will not increase the volume of sales in Western Australia but will only cause a lot of professionals to leave our... more
Petition published by Derick Hamrick on Aug 11, 2014
We, the drivers, fans, officials, car owners and track promoters call for a rule to be put in effect at dirt tracks and race tracks all over this great nation and abroad that if you choose to exit your car on the racing surface, and/or approach a fellow competitor's car... more
Petition published by J. ten Brink on Jul 29, 2014
Free movement of new, older and modified cars on the European internal market (One Europe).

If a car is legal within one European nation it should be legal in... more
Petition published by Paul Harkins on Jul 25, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Amp Capital trading as Ocean Keys Shopping centre, Clarkson, to install 2 SECURITY CAMERAS per row of parking bays in all your underground car parks. This to ensure the safety of all persons who use your underground car parks and ensure... more
Petition published by Jennifer Power on Jul 20, 2014
We , the undersigned, call on the Lake Macquarie Council, to rezone land from zone 10 Investigaton to Environmental zones. The zones are as stated in the planning proposal Draft Amendment No. 84 to LMLEP for land at Killingworth.... more