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Petition published by Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum on Apr 08, 2009
We the undersigned demand CBC to stop this media bias against innocent Pashtuns who are themselves victims of terrorism. We need media support to eliminate Talibinization from our region, however by portraying all Pashtuns as a Taliban will damage the anti Taliban... more
Petition published by Michaela Kane on Apr 08, 2009
In signing this petition, we hope to bring China’s healthcare crisis into light, and demonstrate the various aspects of this crisis, which are similar to America’s own healthcare problems. Once again, we urge you to persuade the Chinese government to reform... more
Petition published by Aatif on Apr 08, 2009
I, the undersigned, call on the esteem court to review the import policies so as to ease the import of... more
Petition published by Shivani on Apr 07, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Cinevistaas to suggest the important factor which can bring back DMG where it was i.e. in top... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 01, 2009
Mari kita selamatklan danau yang sangat indah... more
Petition published by stella kurniadi on Mar 31, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon justice for the death of David hartanto who has been wrongly terminated unjustly by irresponsible perpetrator yet to be... more
Petition published by claire on Mar 28, 2009
We the Australian antic cafe fans or cafekkos would appreciate the Japanese band antic cafe to tour... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 27, 2009
Anthony Josuè Rosales Morales, con apenas dos meses de edad, se convirtiò ayer, en el símbolo mas enternecedor de la tragedia que para el pais significa el caos causante por la rampante criminalidad que lo azota y que supera la capacidad de accion y de reaccion de... more
Petition published by Kc Cochran on Mar 24, 2009
Petition on the welfare of pets and stray animals in Mcminn County.

1. To introduce measures to impose severe punishments on people who... more
Petition published by Crunch on Mar 24, 2009
We, the undersigned, feel that the suggestions made in the proposal by Bloggers 13 (21 April 2008) are valid and should be implemented. As such, we call upon the Singapore Government to or its careful reconsideration o this proposal by Bloggers... more