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Petition published by UST AMV on Apr 25, 2010
Please be fair enough! Give us a more student friendly... more
Petition published by FREETHEKARMAPA on Apr 08, 2010
Global Petition to the Government of India – Free His Holiness the Karmapa!

The international community of Buddhist practitioners and supporters... more
Petition published by Long Pham on Apr 06, 2010
• We urge the 16th ASEAN Summit to lead and partake in efforts to engage China and riparian countries to arrive at a comprehensive impacts mitigation that is just for the affected people.... more
Petition published by VGV on Mar 31, 2010
Please sign this petition to let NamcoBandai know that North American fans want Tales of Vesperia (PS3), Tales of Graces (Wii), and Tales of VS along with other Tales of games that never made it... more
Petition published by Lee Kirk Keong on Mar 30, 2010
We the undersigned, petition that the Department of Fisheries, Sabah, Malaysia make it illegal for fishermen to fin, or retain live or dead sharks.... more
Petition published by suzanne on Mar 27, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on London City Hall to create a 'No Kill Policy' by-law pertaining to all animals in the city of London... more
Petition published by simona on Mar 26, 2010
'We, the undersigned, call on China to stop the live skinning of animals on Chinese fur... more
Petition published by Long Pham on Mar 13, 2010
Considering the international dispute pointed out by the respected scholars, we the undersigned request that the National Geograhic Society remove the notation China under the Paracel Islands on all National Geographic Society... more
Petition published by Mary M Wilson on Mar 09, 2010
Stop the entry of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes at any entry port in... more
Petition published by Bronwen Dalton on Mar 05, 2010
Dear Professor Sheil

We are writing to raise our concerns with the rankings of nonprofit... more