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Petition published by Sam Singh on Sep 27, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the UN, WTO and the government of India to immediately lift the trade embargo imposed on Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.... more
Petition published by Jose Raudales on Sep 19, 2015
We, the undersigned, want Amazon to return Tasia Green as she had done nothing... more
Petition published by Muhammad Dzul Azhan on Sep 13, 2015
Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices are still very high and it is also very costly to revalidate the COEs by paying the full amount in cash upfront.... more
Petition published by Sabaa'if on Sep 09, 2015
This petition is meant to request the BBC, which is in the process of starting program(s) that will broadcast to Ethiopia and Eritrea, to consider Afan Oromo (the Oromo language) as one of its broadcasting languages that it’s going to start radio-broadcasts to the said... more
Petition published by Gender Summit 6 Asia Pacific on Sep 02, 2015
We, the undersigned agree on the following recommendations for actions:

1. COLLABORATE by creating national and regional alliances to enable... more
Petition published by ctaylor84 on Jul 24, 2015
All skin colors are beautiful, created by God to shine, and sometimes they need a band aid.

Among the many different types of band aids that you can buy, why... more
Petition published by Przemysław Olejniczak on Jul 10, 2015
Stanowczo protestujemy i oczekujemy przeprosin w imieniu osób, które tymi wypowiedziami poczuły się urażone z następujących powodów:... more
Petition published by Andre Reyes on Jun 21, 2015
We the people who are signing this petition agree that the casting choice for The Flash movie's main character Barry Allen should not be played by Ezra Miller.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 03, 2015
We, followers of football world wide, call on FIFA to re-select new members of the organization, and appoint a new, capable and fair chairman, with an entire new committee members, and new vice-presidents.... more
Petition published by Teresa Galipeau on Jun 02, 2015
We the undersigned demand that all stores have aisles marked "ALL ITEMS IN THESE AISLES ARE PACKAGED IN THE US BUT MADE IN... more