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Petition published by Flessidoria Zhie on Mar 21, 2003
Bengali? Dead? No, say it ain't so, Lion-o! We know it's possible to get that white striped tiger back, plot holes can happen, we'll even come up with a plausible way for him to come back, just bring back our... more
Petition published by Chaz Copeland on Mar 20, 2003
I, A student in the United States of America, hereby announce that i condemn the actions taken by the Lake Washington School District and would like to banish the evil corporation Websense forever. Just like the Soviet... more
Petition published by anna on Mar 19, 2003
Like you and I, we all want to see the sailor stars episodes and want to see newer episodes. I am not sure if the SuperS series is done but surely I want to see the... more
Petition published by Jonathan on Mar 19, 2003
Vous en avez marre d'ĂȘtre fan du S Club sans les voir ? Vous etes un super fan et vous voulez les voir en concert en France, les voir chanter, les voir dans les magazines... Alors signez la pĂ©tition ! Si on est nombreux on y arrivera... more
Petition published by Virus on Mar 17, 2003
We the TMD lovers would humbly request the tmd management to reduce the file sizes, as they were prior to the quality being improved. In order for faster downloads, we loved it the way it... more
Petition published by CHRIS MAGEE on Mar 16, 2003
Petition published by Clay_World on Mar 16, 2003
Do you want CLAY AIKEN to be the next AMERICAN IDOL? if you do, sign this petition. The petition will be sent to FOX, to show them how much we support Clay, and want him to be the next American Idol. Every signature is important to this petition. So what are you... more
Petition published by Isaiah Koch on Mar 14, 2003
We, the undersigned, want to see Koopa Kids in More Nintendo... more
Petition published by S. Conover on Mar 12, 2003
We, the undersigned, urge MTV to return Headbanger's Ball or a similar weekly program which showcases strictly heavy metal, and is free of "nu-metal" which already receives an over abundance of airplay... more
Petition published by Christopher on Mar 10, 2003
Please help fellow fans get Christy Romano featured in/on major teen magazines and radio/talk shows in which Christy's fanbase views. If enough of us sign this petition it may just get Christy featured and more people learn how talented she really is!... more