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Petition published by Meg on May 28, 2003
We all think that Ruben should be the American Idol. We want to stop Clay fans from pushing down our velvet teddy bear. I feel that Clay fans are going a little too far about Clay loosing. And I'm not going to let that happen any longer. GO... more
Petition published by Jacob Fernadez on May 26, 2003
Please let Nintendo change!!!
it's our future let's put it together Nintendo Fans!!!!!! Nintendo must have DVD's and CD's in their next... more
Petition published by Aidan on May 26, 2003
Sign this petition and perhaps one day you will see "Transformers" once again on Russian... more
Petition published by Tiffany Lambert on May 25, 2003
We, the undersigned, say, Please get rid of this ugly and violent... more
Petition published by shellea owens on May 24, 2003
Petition published by libby wolfe on May 23, 2003
We say, Some one get Britney off the... more
Petition published by libby wolfe on May 23, 2003
We say, Save South... more
Petition published by Shauna M on May 22, 2003
We the fans of Clay Aiken will promise to always support our idol. Even though you didn't win the title, Clay you won our hearts. Your beautiful voice has brought so much into our lives. It's brought happiness, friendship and it had a way of soothing our souls. We... more
Petition published by pyrogirl-789 on May 19, 2003
If you are a fan of x-men then help to bring it back. with one signature you could be helping a great cause for true x-men... more
Petition published by Falco Lombardi on May 16, 2003
If your bowser chirstina and others sign here and argue with justin!!!!!!!! in the... more