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Petition published by perplexagon on Mar 30, 2003
Your review policy concerning CD-R's and tapes is not only classist, it's racist. We don't agree with isolating a band's music into a 'demo' section based solely on the media format it's recorded on. It is an insult to cost-conscious and D.I.Y. bands that are clearly not... more
Petition published by aimee levesque on Mar 29, 2003
Petition published by Daniel Burke on Mar 29, 2003
We the people of the United States here-by attest to the "major industry scouts" that talent exists in ALL states and talented artists should NOT have to travel for exposure...for it is your job to find the talent. SEARCH NATION WIDE. Not just in Seattle, LA and... more
Petition published by Aimee Fournier-Kitchens on Mar 26, 2003
Mr Carter Please Give us the film you said we would have. Please come back to work we miss... more
Petition published by Michael Power on Mar 23, 2003
Please show your support for an English Dub Release of After War Gundam... more
Petition published by Rebecca on Mar 22, 2003
We, the undersigned, say Keep the Orignal Harry Potter Actors.... more
Petition published by Louver Naval on Mar 21, 2003
The purpose of this petition is for Neopets to somehow change the freezing process. Let us be one to reach out to as we all deserves a second... more
Petition published by Flessidoria Zhie on Mar 21, 2003
Bengali? Dead? No, say it ain't so, Lion-o! We know it's possible to get that white striped tiger back, plot holes can happen, we'll even come up with a plausible way for him to come back, just bring back our... more
Petition published by Chaz Copeland on Mar 20, 2003
I, A student in the United States of America, hereby announce that i condemn the actions taken by the Lake Washington School District and would like to banish the evil corporation Websense forever. Just like the Soviet... more
Petition published by anna on Mar 19, 2003
Like you and I, we all want to see the sailor stars episodes and want to see newer episodes. I am not sure if the SuperS series is done but surely I want to see the... more