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Petition published by Thomas Green on May 06, 2003
The undersigned sincerely ask Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm Ltd., George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to listen to fans of the Indiana Jones films to add DTS audio to the upcoming DVD... more
Petition published by Lewis on May 04, 2003
We, the undersigned, wish to see a Mutant Enemy Series based around Dawn Summers, by Fall of... more
Petition published by Gamerguy on Apr 28, 2003
This petition is in response to the annoucement of "Sonic Heroes." This game is planned to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, the Sony Playstation 2, and the Microsoft X-BOX. Putting Sonic the Hedgehog on multiple consoles could ruin the series. Everyone knows... more
Petition published by Djinn on Apr 28, 2003
To agree to watch Wishmaster 5 by either renting or buying... more
Petition published by Niki Reyes on Apr 26, 2003
We want Nickelodeon to make a new channel for teens that reruns episodes of Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Clarissa Explains it All, Pete and Pete, Roundhouse, and the original All... more
Petition published by Niki Reyes on Apr 26, 2003
We, the undersigned, would like Nickelodeon to rerun episodes of "Salute Your Shorts" and "Hey... more
Petition published by amy on Apr 24, 2003
I think neopets should reconsider on giving amyhateshackers3713 account back, she got no warning, and she did not know this word was another term of... more
Petition published by Steven Broos on Apr 23, 2003
We, the undersigned, petition that Rocko's Modern Life be brought
back for viewing by the general public by any means... more
Petition published by Leslie Dorchen on Apr 23, 2003
We, the loyal fans of Soapnet and Ryan's Hope, respectfully request that Soapnet Programming please reconsider the decision to start airing Ryan's Hope from the beginning. Many of us have been watching for 3 years, faithfully, through schedule changes,... more
Petition published by Rhys Christoffersen on Apr 22, 2003
We say KoRn should include New Zealand in their... more