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Petition published by Vivek on Apr 05, 2003
Please sign this petition to either get Family Guy back on Fox or get Fox to tell us why they canned... more
Petition published by koutarou on Apr 04, 2003
To: The Game Masters of emizzon's Ragnarok Online. We are holding a petition statement for the Game Masters of Emizzon's Ragnarok Online server to bring back the Training Field. Levelling has been very difficult, specially to the people who are on dial-up. We request... more
Petition published by Jon Lownsberry on Apr 02, 2003
Please sign this petition to help to save... more
Petition published by Deathdragon on Mar 31, 2003
I am against Stukey! If you are too against him then sign this petition against him and for me! I will bring Cynical back as you know... more
Petition published by Alicepire on Mar 31, 2003
Killing Heidi fans have waited a long time for 'Ammyl' and its related B Sides but we were informed recently that Sony had decided to only release 'Ammyl' to radio with no B Sides and unavailable for the public to purchase. We the undersigned believe that 'Ammyl' should... more
Petition published by perplexagon on Mar 30, 2003
Your review policy concerning CD-R's and tapes is not only classist, it's racist. We don't agree with isolating a band's music into a 'demo' section based solely on the media format it's recorded on. It is an insult to cost-conscious and D.I.Y. bands that are clearly not... more
Petition published by aimee levesque on Mar 29, 2003
Petition published by Daniel Burke on Mar 29, 2003
We the people of the United States here-by attest to the "major industry scouts" that talent exists in ALL states and talented artists should NOT have to travel for exposure...for it is your job to find the talent. SEARCH NATION WIDE. Not just in Seattle, LA and... more
Petition published by Aimee Fournier-Kitchens on Mar 26, 2003
Mr Carter Please Give us the film you said we would have. Please come back to work we miss... more
Petition published by Michael Power on Mar 23, 2003
Please show your support for an English Dub Release of After War Gundam... more