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Petition published by RP Hater on Dec 28, 2002
Rocket Power sucks and it needs to be cancelled now! Nobody can understand them because we don't speak stupid language like the Rocket Power characters do, not even Tony Hawk can do the tricks they do, and the animation is totally blocky! Get rid of this... more
Petition published by Steevi on Dec 27, 2002
We believe that the winner should be propelled to greater fame and be remembered with his own National... more
Petition published by Ryan Falcon on Dec 25, 2002
Whereas Party A[Cartoon Network] seek to avoid allowing the youth of the nation to watch the anime block, Adult Swim, hence changing the time of the current Adult Swim block to a later time, We, the undersigned appeal to Party A, in order to protect the freedom of... more
Petition published by Gigi Greco on Dec 24, 2002
As members of the Austin Music Community, we are petitioning for continued support from the public as well as the City Council and Texas Music Commission. We are proud to have the Austin Music Network and appreciate their representation of our local and state... more
Petition published by Gabe Wouldn't u lyke to know??? on Dec 23, 2002
If u like sailor moon please sign this petition to save it. We never get new episodes or any thing. The only way for us to get the new episodes is to buy them. And hardly anyone has that money. Help us save it before its to... more
Petition published by Giorgio Ferretti on Dec 19, 2002
Spettabile redazione sportiva di Stream,
Siamo un gruppo di appassionati di wrestling , molti dei quali hanno sottoscritto il contratto con Stream.
riteniamo che i commentatori che svolgono per voi il lavoro di... more
Petition published by danielle on Dec 18, 2002
We, the undersigned, demand that BET keep the shows they have threatened to cancel. This is a country wih freedom of speech yet BET has hushed shows that express this.... more
Petition published by Connie on Dec 14, 2002
Petition published by Lance Roberts on Dec 12, 2002
Les Moonves and CBS,

Robbery Homicide Division is a groundbreaking television series that hasn't been given a fair chance. No other show on television has... more
Petition published by Mike Gonzalez on Dec 12, 2002
We, the undersigned, would like to see a Gundam Online... more