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Petition published by Chandra Jordan on May 16, 2003
We, the fans of Clay Aiken, petition the music industry to give this man a recording contract. By signing this petition we state that as fans, in the millions, we are eager and ready to buy his CD's, go to his concerts and fully support his music... more
Petition published by Jessesen on May 14, 2003
Please sign this petition to help get Punky Bruster released on to DVD. The show stars Soleil Moon Frye (who also stared in the last few seasons of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Cherie Johnson (who went on to guest star on Family Matters), and George Gaynes (who went on... more
Petition published by Jessesen on May 14, 2003
This petition is to get the The Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) released on to DVD.... more
Petition published by Aaron Stewart on May 10, 2003
Sign here if you don't want the cosby show to be... more
Petition published by Nonya Buisness on May 10, 2003
The Signers of this petition are requesting Star Wars Episodes 4 (A New Hope), 5(Empire Strikes Back) and 6(Return of The Jedi) be enhanced and put on... more
Petition published by tory esat on May 08, 2003
We are saving a good series, the seven big bumps (cool book). Sign to... more
Petition published by USA on May 07, 2003
Get Ren & Stimpy off TV forever. Please join... more
Petition published by Nicole Lee on May 07, 2003
Fox TV please bring back "Dark Angel", TV is boring with all the show the same. I am tired of all these reality shows. Can we please get some good fiction like "Dark... more
Petition published by Thomas Green on May 06, 2003
The undersigned sincerely ask Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm Ltd., George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to listen to fans of the Indiana Jones films to add DTS audio to the upcoming DVD... more
Petition published by Lewis on May 04, 2003
We, the undersigned, wish to see a Mutant Enemy Series based around Dawn Summers, by Fall of... more