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Petition published by Cass on Apr 17, 2005
We, the undersigned, want Sweet Valley High Season 2 out on DVD, and hopefully also Seasons 3 and 4.... more
Petition published by TheScarecrow on Apr 16, 2005
I believe that Warner Bros. should cast Ralph Fiennes in the role of the Joker in a future sequel to Batman... more
Petition published by Gerald Health on Apr 15, 2005
Sign & help get the "Eye On..." documentary series... more
Petition published by Robert Hammond on Apr 15, 2005
The 'Eye On...' documentary series deserves a chance! Broadcast the "Eye On..." documentary... more
Petition published by Redmond Yu on Apr 15, 2005
I want people to sign my petition so kids will enjoy their vacation. Get rid of Nick... more
Petition published by Bruce Helmick on Apr 13, 2005
Do not do "Create a Finding Nemo II."... more
Petition published by Cassandra D. on Apr 02, 2005
Please Sign The Petiton & Make Yor Comments Be Heard. By Signing This Pettiton You Will Be Doing Your Part To Try And Save Point Pleasant From Being Canceled & Putting Season 1 On DVD.... more
Petition published by alicizmar on Mar 30, 2005
Please, Suggs, start supporting FAN MODS again, and give the rightful fans the ability to control their boards that they... more
Petition published by Jamie Cadran on Mar 24, 2005
Crash Bandicoot is a very popular video game series, but it's the only one that does not have a cartoon. Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers have cartoons, but not a Crash one. Me and a few other fans would like to see this happen. If you would, listen to us loyal... more
Petition published by Art Talks on Mar 22, 2005
Tell the CHUM-TV to stop stealing art from AIDS... more